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  1. Hi. I met this guy online some time ago. He is really friendly and we texted a lot. Well, to be honest there was a time in our correspondence when he did not text me for a couple of weeks but I didnt care that much as it was only the beginning. Then I texted him with simpel Whats up, he replied instantly and apologized for his silence and said that he had been planning to text me several times but he felt stupid for not replying to my texts. But then we started texting every day for a month and we finally met as we live far away from wach other. The meeting was nice and he was texting me for a couple of days after it. Then he said he was really busy with renovation and apologized for not texting so often. I was fine with it because I know he has been having some family problems and he needs to take care of them. But then he stopped texting me completely. Its been a week now. What should I do?
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