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  1. It was just something that struck me quite heavily at that moment, and I started thinking about it again recently and was curious to know what you thought about it. But I guess that it isn't too shocking that a small handful of guys, such as him, could have those one-in-a-million looks that would be very very far above even most other very good-looking guys.
  2. I think one reason why my experience with the guy at the club was such a shocker was because I had basically got used to always being considered one of the more handsome guys in every situation, since this is the kind of response that I have always got, so it was something that I just subconsciously took for granted, without intending to be arrogant about it in any way. And then when I saw this guy I didn't only feel that he would be a very tough rival, I actually felt completely trounced by him. One factor was the size difference: the fact that he was almost a foot taller than me and had a
  3. I was just a bit curious about something regarding this guy who showed up at the club: is it logical to suspect that his far superior looks would be enough to allow him to steal all potential dates from me at any given club with no effort whatsoever, even if I did my absolute best to show the best version of myself? Maybe I should be prepared for a possible scenario like that as well?
  4. I am 25. Well I don't know, it's just that the thought of another guy being much much more attractive than me to the point that he can easily steal any girl that I have been flirting with away from me without even trying at all is a hard pill to swallow, especially when I have grown used to usually not worrying about rivalry.
  5. Does this mean that this guy in general would get much much further with girls only with his looks than I could ever hope to get no matter how hard I tried, if he and I were in the same room as a number of other girls? Because I certainly got that feeling when I saw him and he stole all attention like that.
  6. Yes, I realise that. However, it wasn't simply a matter of him being more attractive and getting the girl that I had been flirting with to come over to him, it was a matter of him being much much more attractive to an overwhelming degree and having dramatically more success with more girls in a shorter amount of time with no effort at all. It felt quite disheartening, to say the least.
  7. I have always been comfortable with both my looks and my personality, since I have always heard and experienced that I am consistently one of the more handsome and attractive guys in all types of environments, and I would never feel that "threatened" by other guys when it came to those traits. But there was one situation about 7-8 months ago that really made me quite uncomfortable: I had approached a cute girl, and felt that I was showing my best and most charming self, and even though she seemed a little bit hard to get at first, she seemed to start becoming quite interested in me after we
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