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  1. This sounds very familiar. My husband & i have struggled with this over the course of my pregnancy. He needs to be touched sexually to feel loved whereas I do not. Since being pregnant my libido has dramatically diminished and subsequently he isn't feeling good and quite possibly feeling down like you feel. The problem is that because I do not have the same love language I see his reaction insulting because it makes me feel like I'm just here for the play times if that makes sense. Which obviously doesn't do anything good for my already low libido. My advise as someone on the other side
  2. Where to start. Im currently pregnant with our first child, third trimester. My husband has always been what I would call unreasonable at times (his close family are also aware of this temperament). Now that we are expecting I appreciate that my senses are heightened and I am most likely more aware of issues that had been pre-pregnancy. I'll go with the most recent example of what is currently happening. Due to corona we have been disinfecting plastic deliveries before we bring them fully into the house. My husband, now on multiple occasions keeps saying antibac right over the cats food and
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