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  1. Thank you . Not much family. A few close friends. I don’t have a large support system but I’ve got to work with what I’ve got
  2. We broke up long ago. The narcissist first chased me , love bombed me , then strung me along for a long time. To where one day , I was dug in and stuck. I never dealt with such manipulation. It was all about him. But he talked me out of my doubt constantly. Then he was done , discarded me and sadly (not proud) I was chasing and begging. He was done , but He always engaged. He always answered. He always responded back and did this emotional dance with me. The longest I went at one point was 1 month no contact before breaking. At some point , we were no longer arguing then but talking calmly
  3. This is hard for me to respond to , because by all accounts , I am “Jane”. Or was Jane . My ex felt the same for me as you did for her . He wasn’t all in. The difference I have (maybe) is that I was with an extreme gaslighting manipulator. When I would say to my ex “I just don’t feel you love me or are in love with me” he would reply with “THATS not true!” Or “you’re wrong” or “you’re way off base”. So, because he was telling me I was wrong , I waited and believed him. However , his actions did not prove what he was saying. His actions or lack there of , only proved I was right . That he could
  4. My ex and I were together for a couple of years. He pursued me , chased me but once he got me , he wasn’t all in. I would tell him he didn’t love me and he told me that wasn’t true. I wasn’t a priority and his actions were shady. I should have left . Sadly , his gaslighting was too much & then the roles reversed. I’m not proud , but I was out of my mind . I never experienced manipulation before. I held on for a long time looking to turn it around, but there was too much damage on both sides. My heart was in it and broken & he just had enough of the arguing and resentment. It took m
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