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  1. But I do love him though. I devoted my life to him and it just seems silly to break our vows so I could have great sex. I only want to be with women in sexual ways. I couldn’t be in a relationship with one. I feel if I was finally satisfied in the bedroom maybe I would stop thinking of women. But whenever I tell him what I want, he says he’s uncomfortable with it. He can’t bring himself to be rough/dominant in the bedroom. And because of that he has never made me orgasm.
  2. We have little arguments here and there and he’s got a bit of a temper problem that he’s been working on, but for the most part I’m happily married. I do love him. I’m very physically attracted to him. I don’t like to make out with him, but that’s not his fault. I’ve never liked making out with men. Just women. The only thing I’m unsatisfied with is our sex life really. I feel like if that were taken care of maybe I wouldn’t have desires to have sex with women. I don’t want a relationship with a woman, as the Bible forbids it. But I can’t stop thinking about women in sexual ways. If I could ge
  3. I’m a bisexual female. I’ve always been more into women than men, but I am also a Christian and know based on the religion that it’s wrong. So I stopped acting on my feelings for women and decided to date men. I fell in love with a man and we are married and have a child together. The thing is...I have never enjoyed making out with my husband and the sex I have with him has never been as enjoyable as with a woman. I’ve spoken to him about my wants and desires in the bedroom but he does not change. I’ve asked him if it would be ok if I could have an opportunity to fool around with women. He cou
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