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  1. I don’t. Which is why we get into arguments. I could just let it go but I don’t because I’m not the type to keep my mouth shut when something is on my mind or someone is attacking me. Maybe he’s just a rowdy drunk and wants a row and chooses me because he knows I’ll give it back to him. Who knows?
  2. Yeah, no. You’ve got a bee in your bonnet and the wrong end of the stick here and if you read the whole thread and all of my comments you will see where you’ve gone wrong. I don’t misinterpret very clear messages. I am not delusional. And I don’t expect him to focus on me at all times..... If he’s out I always tell him have a good time I’ll speak to you after. Or, let me know when you’re home safe. Because you know, I care! But HE initiates conversations. I have always had a policy of only texting him when he’s texts me first. It’s very rare that I start conversations because a) he wor
  3. I see you have my back haha. Thank you. I honestly would love to have kids with him one day. But he needs to cut this crap out. When we are together everything is great. Everything works. We are great. It’s literally just when he’s drinking with his friends on his nights off when he’s not with me. It’s so frustrating because it really is like he becomes someone else. He called me last night when he got home from the pub and again this morning and tried to apologise but then he also said he doesn’t realise what he’s done wrong. And I said well there is our issue then because of you don’
  4. I would never call him at work. He’s there to work, not talk to me. Like it’s not even necessary. Also he works nights so when he’s working, I’m sleeping and vice versa. He usually sends me a message on his break being like I hope you’re sleeping well. Have a great day tomorrow I’ll talk to you when I’m up. Cute stuff. If he’s gonna text me of course I’ll text him back. He knows if I’m not busy I’ll text him back. Because as I say, we live apart and see each other mostly once a week. So we like to stay in contact and check in via text. That’s not really the issue here. We both know if
  5. I’m the same way. I find it rude if I’m spending time with someone and they’re constantly on the phone. If I’m with people I try not to be on my phone so much. If that person is also on their phone I may send a quick reply but I won’t get into too much conversation because I’m spending time with other people. So I totally wouldn’t expect him to be engaging in a full on conversation with me when he’s with others. This isn’t the issue The issue is that he kind of initiates “conversations” almost just to start an argument. You say why do I keep messaging him when he’s with friends? But when
  6. No. I always say to him before he goes out like have a nice time, message me when you’re back, let me know you’re safe- whatever. And he is the one who will still text and initiate conversation. But the way he talks to me is just rude at times. Not every single time, but 9/10. Sometimes it’s as if he causes an argument before hand just so he can say that I don’t like him spending time with people. Because he knows I’m not the type of person to keep my mouth shut. If he says something that’s rude, or something he knows I won’t like, he knows that I won’t just drop it- I’ll let him know what I’m
  7. Thank you. It’s been really hard. And he has helped me through a lot of it. But he’s also caused a lot of stress on top of it too which I could do without.
  8. Maybe so. Yet why does he text me constantly when I’m with my friends and that’s totally ok? I guess it’s because I don’t mind splitting my attention. He caused a small argument tonight- because he’s out with friends. And I told him to leave me alone, I can’t be bothered with the aggro. And he’s text me over and over again saying he’s sorry and asking if I’m ok and saying he’s worried about me. All I could do was laugh at him. He’s so annoying. He causes these arguments and then tries to act like everything is ok. He swears at me and cussed me out one minute and then the next he’s sorry an
  9. I think the distance is fine because we make time at least once or twice a week, every week, to see each other. Like last week for example he was with me for the whole week as he didn’t have to work. So we spend as much time together as we can. He also plans to move to my city once he can get work here. Obviously the COVID situation has put a pause on this as there’s not much work going around at the moment. So I don’t think there’s any issues there. I did wonder if there could be someone else but honestly I know where he is and who he is with pretty much all the time. He works nights. Com
  10. He’s 30, I’m 27. We alternate visiting each other on a weekend. When he comes here he stays for 2 nights but when I go there I o my stay one night as I am guardian to my younger brother since our mom passed away last year. So I don’t like to go for more than a night really. So that week he will be out with his friends the night before I go there. And there is usually some sort of argument/ “discussion” when he’s out so there is always a question mark over whether I am going to go visit him or not. Because he makes me feel like I don’t want to put the effort in to see him. But you’re righ
  11. Hey, so I am in a long term relationship with my partner. We had a lot of drama (mostly because of exes) when we first got together but we got through it all and are in a good place. Most of the time. We don’t live together. We’re in the same county but live about an hours drive away. So between work, life and studies (I’m doing my masters) we see each other when we can. Usually it’s once or twice a week, or if we have time off work we spend all our days off and holidays together, but a good portion of our relationship is over the phone. And because he spends a lot of time with his mom and f
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