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  1. He literally doesn't get it unless I do something that extreme. I can tell him I don't need him to make my decisions for me and he'll just say "I'm only trying to help out! I wouldn't have interefered if you knew what you were doing! Why can't you just be grateful?" Apparently wanting to eat a sandwich after fasting for 24 hours is "not knowing what I'm doing".
  2. I practically had to threaten to call hospital security and have him ejected to get him to back off. Due to COVID the hospital is taking precautions by limiting the number of visitors per day. I was really angry that he used my visitor pass and brought his friend (who I barely knew - the last time I met this guy was over 10 years ago) and thought it was OK, meaning that my wife couldn't come and visit (you get 2 visitor passes per day). Of course part of that is a mistake on the hospital's part, where they should let you put down who can visit you. I think he's always been like this sinc
  3. I'm trying to find him a studio. I will pay the rent until what he gave me for the mortgage is paid off. The problem is that rents for a decent place are expensive and I'll be shelling out more cash to get him set up. For all the years he lived alone, he never bought any furniture and just used what the previous landlord provided. He didn't even get a kitchen table until 6 years after moving in. Previously, he'd just eat dinner at his desk.
  4. He's always micromanaged everything. If we go out for a steak dinner and I order my steak medium rare, he'll try to tell me I should get it well done. If I'm working on my computer, he'll tell me the font size is too small and it's too hard to read, or the screen is too dim, or that I'm typing too fast and will "jam up" the computer. If I'm watching TV, I could be clear across on the other side of the room but he'll say I'm sitting too close and it's bad for my eyes. You get the idea.
  5. I was in the hospital due to a minor injury that required me to be here for a few days. My dad has used this to move in and micromanage everything. When I got out of surgery, the doctor told me I should eat something. Naturally, he said it would be better for me to eat a light meal. The nurse came to my room later on and asked what I wanted. My dad suddenly jumps in and tries to speak over me and says "No, he'll just take a some fruit and a glass of water." At this point I haven't eaten in about 16 hours, and I'm pretty hungry. I have to argue with him to get the meal that I wanted
  6. Not really. Watching YouTube and playing cards or golfing with friends.
  7. My wife was the one who suggested it, ironically. It's not uncommon in my country for parents to live with children as they get older. My wife isn't from here, but she was raised with somewhat similar values. Still, I didn't want him moving in because of my experience with him. When I had my first job, he came down for a long weekend and stayed for two weeks. The next time, he came for an extended vacation and basically just moved in. His excuse was I had a full time job and wouldn't have enough time to do cooking or laundry, despite the fact that everyone eventually moves out of the
  8. It was partially her idea. We were both underemployed for several months this year, and we could have used the extra money. My dad offered to pay some money. Most of it was honestly just stuff he was too lazy to get rid of. Walkmans, old mobile phones, computers, CRT monitors, expired food, old shoes. He's got lots of bottles of liquor that people have given him as a gift, but it just ends up on the shelf because he doesn't drink. I suggested that he could just give it to a different friend, but he said he'd feel guilty about it so he will go and buy the exact same kind of liquor th
  9. Maybe evicted wasn't the right word for it. His old landlord passed away from a heart attack (they were army buddies), and the family sold the building to a developer. The developer just decided not to renew the lease because they want to renovate the building.
  10. My mom died in 2013 while I was in grad school, and I think even though they were never really close, he still never got over it. I think in some way he feels guilty for not being the best husband he could have been. In the run-up to my wedding he was constantly giving me a lectures about taking my marriage seriously and stuff like that.
  11. I don't know what to say buddy. Years ago at grad school, I met a really nice girl. Went on several dates, but when we graduated she went back to her own country. For the first year, we kept up a LDR but it fizzled out. We're still friends. When she's in my hometown, she comes to see me. I ended up getting married to a different woman in the end, so I suppose things worked out.
  12. My dad recently got evicted from his apartment. My wife and I agreed to let him move in with us. We're not charging him rent, but in the end we worked something out where he gave us the equivalent of a 6 mo's to put towards our mortgage We (wife and I) are recently married (we got married in January) and we just bought the new apartment at the beginning of July. There's a lot of stuff to set up as before we'd always lived in pre-furnished apartments. When my dad got evicted, we were still doing repairs but the place was liveable. When my dad moved in, he pulled up with about 3 moving
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