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  1. Thank you guys. You are the best. I see clearly now that I am strong women, who is capable to do things and live life on her own. When the breakup was fresh, I felt so powerless and vulnerable, I thought myself that I can't do anything on my own, but that was simple BS. I can do everything that I want, I take what I want. I wasn't planning to see him, I don't want. I don't know, if this will be possible in future from my and his side. My greatest fear by now is that he will contact me somehow. He wrote to me one message month ago, he was angry for me for contacting
  2. Hi guys, Today is exactly five months from the breakup. I want to share some updates from my life with you. He reached out after two months - he wanted to give me my graphic card back. I didn't want it, I didn't want to see him, but he insisted and we met - I was so cold at the beginning and we started to talk, he apologized me, cried out like a baby. I asked him if he is doing better without me - he said that no, and he is missind me. When I saw what terrible state of mind he had, all that crying, I broke and hugged him. We were talking and hugging few hours, even kissed. I though
  3. I don't say that I was perfect, I wasn't. I pushed him too much, even if I know that he worked so hard. But that was the reason why I insisted to hiring some professionals, which he denied. I can't agree with your statement, that ,,I want things done but won't do any of myself". Year before renovation I decided to do small refresh of our bedroom, because it was all mess and unhealthy. I'm allergic and nor I or him were sleeping good, so with his small help (he took away all furnitures from this room) I get off old wallpapers, get off old floor, get off old ceiling (there was some styrofoam pa
  4. That will be long and badly written post, as I am not native speaker. I hope I can describe my situation properly... I was in 10 years old relationship. I meet my BF when I was 18, he was 19. That was strong relationship from the beginning, and we went through many difficult situations - moving from city to city, finding first new jobs, once I was jobless for a while and he helped me, once he was jobless for a while and I helped him, - many stressful situations, and we handled it together. And we lived our life for years, it wasn't 100% easy and non problematic, we had issues with each othe
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