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  1. I can tell you without going into my story (which I have talked ad nauseaum elsewhere on this site) Getting to emotionally attached has happened to me. Also betting emotionall attached does not mean you were or were not seeking a sexual relationship. For me I had to hit rock bottom and go into therapy. Things are better in so many ways but there are still major issues.. I wish you all the best
  2. Yes that is pretty much it I never set out ti hurt anyone but that does not change the fact that I did. I do admit that the everything the goodbye may have been too much and was over the top. But I wanted the Goodbye to be as perfect as I could make it because I knew that it had to be the last time I was going to ever see or speak to her again, It was going to be a 100 percent cutoff for life. Thankfully it went well because it could have gone the other way, The whole birthday thing I wrote about was when I realized that that was the one thing I did not think of but thanks to me writing it her
  3. Hi I apologize for not getting to the last part of my story. I will at some point, The thing is with me is I can be obssesive, I know it sounds retarded but after that last letter I really let go, Don't get me wrong I am still interested in learning about things whether it be my behavior or other people's behavior . Even though I feel that I have been blessed I am also very aware that I have a lot of stuff to work on and overcome. I don't know if I will get there but I am greatful for the chance to try to learn and grow
  4. Emotional Affairs or maybe better a better word is Emotional Connections but whatever you call it it can happen to anyone and it happened to me in my life. But the one thing that CANNOT happen is that it CANNOT go to a sexual level. Oh don't get me wrong having a sexual attraction to someone happens. But if you really care about someone that much younger than you. If you pursue that sexual route that means that you do not really care about that person.Because how can you care about someone when you know down the line that age gap is going to cause this person pain and heartache somewhere down
  5. Hi, First I am not here to talk about my story (I babbled enough about that in Personal Growth) But I am interested in other people's experiences in Good byes. Not so much to someone who is dying. But rather people in our lives who are leaving forever one way or the other. If you gave one someone a special goodbye, How did it make you feel? If you recieved it How did it make you feel . For reasons I do not want to get in here. I had to say goodbye forever to someone who I will always feel was a blessing in my life. (I am repeating that part of my story for the readers of this forum) I wanted t
  6. When I hit send on that last letter I felt so much better that my eternal birthday message for her is out there
  7. (NOTE This is NOT part of the story I had yesterday) The difference between regretting how I did things (like last year) amd Thank God I did not do that (like now for the most part) Today is her birthday and I had a revelation, Thank God I did not do my idea. You see when I said Goodbye to her I did it because I truly felt God used her as a blessing in my life (not that she did anything one way or the other she was just herself) and I knew that both of us needed to leave each others lives. So because it was goodbye forever I wanted to cover all the bases. Our mutual friend was also there for
  8. No I just broke it in parts to make it easier for the reader. The next part is the last part
  9. No as I said I would NEVER make any sexual advances. If it was anything it was an emotional affair. Which I never heard of and the more I learned I am not sure if what I had was an emotional affair,obsession or both, I never talked bad about my wife to the girl (with one exception which I will get to) I was very complimentary and even shared with her something nice I was going to do, As for the one time My wife broke my trust and I wrote her but I did not do it to bash my wife but to give her a lesson she could learn from someday in her life. As for any affair. If I was not married and our age
  10. THE FINAL PART WHICH I AM NOT READY TO WRITE because I dont have time or the words right now is SURGERY AND GOODBYE FOREVER
  11. THE ROAD TO RECOVERY. REALIZATION AND HUMBLED TO THE CORE. So I went to therapy I stayed away from the girl. Things were getting better with my wife but of course because I worked with her My wife would always have that fear. Anyway in Therapy we talked about many things the girl and any thing in my behavior. Then one day while talking in therapy I realized that God had used this girl as a blessing in my life. Which was funny because I thought because I was older I thought I could be a blessing in her life. But I had no intention of ever speaking to her or telling her. At work she stayed away
  12. ROCK BOTTOM That weekend I told my wife the whole thing. She threatened to write the girl's mother (and later did although she never got a response) In short she was very hurt and upset (Which made me feel horrible because I thought she had stopped loving me because we had not had sex in 7 years (Yes I had erectile dysfunctions that were physical but her yelling at me about that made it worse) Anyway she was going to leave me and the fact I worked with the girl just made things worse. She accused me of something I never heard of before called an Emotional Affair. Then a few days later came THE
  13. Here is a brief description of my story. In other words I am not going into details (that would take too long) Also if it seems I am trying to deflect blame I am not I AM AT FAULT it is the ONLY way I was able to learn and grow (and I am still learning as you saw by my bad idea) and . 1, PRE STORY.One day maybe months before I ever Met this girl at work I just said one day to no one I can't feel. Nothing made me sad or happy. My wife and I who I loved drifted apart and she was emotionally abusive (Which I caused because I was lazy and obsessed with sports and did not do my fair share, I also d
  14. Thank You I agree. It was a bad idea on my part.
  15. Hi Before I go on, I think I said this before but if not I am not going to do anything, No happy birthday No nothing, I did the goodbye the way I described for two reasons I really feel that God put her as a blessing in my life (As I said earlier I may or may not someday post that story I just do not want to now because it would be overdoing it more than I already have) and 2 at the time I knew I would never speak or see her again on any social media platform. As much as I miss her it has to be this way for so many reasons. The birthday on You Tube idea no matter how anonymous it may have bee
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