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  1. Exclusive, but casual. We live in different cities meet up every couple weeks. Do fun stuff.
  2. Sorry original post confusing but dated ex 1.5 years, been apart about 5 months. Didn’t ever really think we would work it out and have moved on considerably after personal development work. Just felt like it was cruel of her to randomly unblock me on social media after getting engaged knowing I would see at some point due to our shared circles. Am continuing no contact of course. In do not mention her at all irl. I guess it just hit me that I was forgotten/moved on from so quickly. Hurt a little that she gave me what seemed like one last parting jab even tho I wasn’t bad to her.
  3. Dated ex 1.5 months years loved her a lot wasn’t ready for marriage but wanted to marry her. Covid was hard on us and it was a mutualish breakup but I walked away. I tried to reconcile a couple weeks later but she was hurt and had started dating someone else. I respected her decision and went no contact. She blocked me a month after no contact started and it’s been 4 months. I saw a post through mutuals posting on it, and realized she had unblocked me immediately following her engagement to rebound. Guess I don’t understand why she would unblock me to see that. Also just kind
  4. Thanks been working on myself fixing problems that led to breakup and my emotional iq. Taking a break from dating atm. Been 4 months since breakup don’t have any desire yet
  5. Yeah I would get it if we were friends on site but we weren’t. Her stuff was protected and I don’t post much. Nothing about her. Just find it strange that even with 0 possibility of contact and connection she felt she needed to.
  6. I’m not over her completely. But I couldn’t contact her even if I wanted to which I don’t/won’t. Was 0 way too. Just find at weird that even with no connection, she couldn’t even exist on the same platform as me.
  7. Dated ex 1.5 years. I broke up with her but it was mostly mutual. 2 weeks no contact tried to reconcile, she didn’t believe I could change started dating someone new. We had a couple talks after that we’re calm and complimentary. I told her to block me on messenger she did. I went no contact. 2 months later she’s still with guy and seems happy. I see post with hyperlink removed discover she blocked me. I had no way of contacting her and we weren’t friends on site so my feed didn’t come up. Just confused as to why she would go out of her way to do that. Still care about her but accepted breakup
  8. He doesn’t sound happy at all. Know your value. When he comes back, and it’s very likely he will, show him your worth more than what he can offer you.
  9. It was time to move on from that pursuit tbh. Will be much happier without it. Also she said she still loved me and could spend years more with me but didn’t see a future. Assume after the fact that was her attempt to address concerns about relationship and what I thought, but I left like an idiot. Do women ever just make a business decision in a spot like that if they have lost faith in you? Couldn’t she have still loved me and walked away? Do they ever change their mind after time apart and problems fixed?
  10. Never got rid of my place. Was just majority of the time there during covid.
  11. @smacki9. I don’t really feel like the relationship was supposed to end there and at the time I don’t think she did either. But the weeks apart after break gave her clarity on where it was going and she stuck to her guns. She was hurt after and multiple times asked me why I didn’t want to talk about it that night or shortly after. Honestly I was keeping myself so distracted immediately following the breakup I never actually felt the loss. It’s fair that she thinks I was just jealous and pride hurt, but I’ve done a lot of work and realize the mistakes I’ve made. Not sure things can ever ret
  12. @catfeeder. I’d rather not go into specifics but it had me on the road for weeks at a time. Relationship was still good then but it was not a grt for a future. When covid happened I moved in with her for a few weeks she kept working in public and I transitioned work to computer (it was taking a lot of my time) things started going south then. We weren’t doing anything she would get home tired and I would go to bed after. Little fights started happening and sex fell off. I didn’t have the tools to address the problems. In the end she didn’t think I would change and made a business like decision
  13. It was definitely my career/direction in life. This isn’t new information to me, as it has effected relationships in the past. A wedge formed between us and I didn’t know how to address it. I’ve since moved on from it after 17 years but I know it’s too late to reconcile.
  14. To expand on the block I told her she should, but knew how to get a hold of me if she wanted to talk. Not really sure now why I did it just knew I needed to not reach out after I made my intentions clear once.
  15. Losing best friend and gf has been very hard. She was a good partner, and I didn’t see the damage I was doing in the relationship putting my goals ahead of us.
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