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  1. Hi all. Thanks for the advice on my other post. I was really going to just cut contact and move on. But, my ex has been going kinda crazy. And I caved and got pulled back into this. So now, I’m wondering if I’m being strung along or not. I really want to cut off contact, but if there’s a chance things will be okay, or we can at least reconcile and move on happily instead of angrily, then I want to wait. Sorry it’s a long post again. Anyways. Ever since day 1 of the breakup 2 weeks ago, he texted me 3 hours later saying he doesn’t know if he’s making a mistake or not and feels heartbroken an
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry in advance for how much information this is. Recently 6 days ago my ex & I broke up. He ended things. We dated for almost 3 years. The day we met felt fated as if we knew eachother before and were meant to meet. The first year of our relationship was hard as he fell into a deep depression losing his job phone friends and more. I stayed with him and helped him gain it all back. But we spent lots of time fighting during that time, our relationship didn’t really evolve until a year and a half in. Past year was so much healthier because we were both good now and ge
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