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  1. This is awful. Whether she has another guy or not is irrelevant... She is treating you like ***. Don't put up with this. Break up with her.
  2. Do not immediately tell her that you like her, and definitely do not mention marriage. You haven't met her in person, so you should also temper your expectations. Knowing her in person is a whole different thing as chatting online, so take it slow, show interest but don't come on too strong.
  3. This is your own mindset putting you down. You think you might be perceived as "lame" if you're different, and it worries you. If you're comfortable with who you are, you won't worry that acting different might make other people think you're lame. I have a friend who has been 100% alcohol free for years (after feeling he'd had his fill when he was a student), and he fits in just fine with people who do drink alcohol. If anything, his refusal to drink any alcohol just becomes a conversation piece.
  4. Stop freaking out. You said she mentioned adding you to their SnapChat group, but maybe she has other things going on with her life and this is not an emergency. If she doesn't end up adding you, just remind her about that next time you see her, without being panicky about it.
  5. How do you expect him to contact you first, text you quickly after meeting, and so forth, when you flat out told him you don't want a relationship?
  6. We do not have enough information to have any kind of informed opinion about what he feels for you. However, you said you are "sort of" dating, you "think" you are exclusive, and you "want reassurance" about him. Maybe it's time to have the talk and ask him if he wants to go steady?
  7. I understand this is painful and you have my sympathies, but I agree that, in the end, you should consider yourself lucky that you dodged a bullet here. This person isn't good, I believe you are aware of it, but it will take time to get over the disappointment that she isn't all you thought she was.
  8. You should never be in a long distance relationship for that long. Since things don't seem to be working well, I would break up and try to date someone who lives closer.
  9. Yes, she could have a boyfriend, maybe, maybe not. The only way to find out is to gently reach out and find out. You can play it cool and wait for her to make a move, sure, but I wouldn't hold my breath. So I say "Um... no." to the "Um... no.".
  10. Indeed, no one here knows what she has on her mind. She could just want to return your photo album because it's the right thing to do, or maybe she's interested in rekindling your relationship, who knows? The only way to find out is to take this opportunity to reach out to her and ask if she'd like to see you again (if that is indeed what you want). If she's willing to do that, then take it from there. You have nothing to lose.
  11. You ought to give us more details before anyone here can even attempt to properly assess the situation. You got into an argument about another girl, what was that argument about exactly? What happened with the other girl? He messed up, how did he mess up exactly?
  12. He is treating you poorly (I've singled out the examples of poor treatment in your original post). Whether the cyber stranger is telling the truth or not is not even the biggest issue here.
  13. He's the one getting massaged so he's the one who should know what he prefers. If you don't want to do it, just tell him that, but there's no use telling him what he should be preferring.
  14. I'm guessing she doesn't like you as much as you thought she did, sorry. She's probably just being polite at work.
  15. This is clearly not working, find someone you feel happy with.
  16. Regarding the sexual assault charge, nobody here knows what happened or not. However, the most important thing here regarding your post is that you're clearly not happy being with him, so do let that relationship go.
  17. At 23 he should be able to make his own choices. I think you should address this with him.
  18. This is quite bizarre. Is he uncomfortable in social situations? Maybe that's all there is to it, but maybe he's got mild mental health problems?
  19. This seems very specific for an entirely "hypothetical" question. Does it even matter if the person has cheated or not? It clearly means it's over.
  20. IMO the answer is in your own post. Drop the "supportive kind and loving" boyfriend who blocks you.
  21. Was there any other kind of communication from him after the date than "Ha!"? If that really is the only thing he ever sent after the date, after you contacted him first and thanked him, I'm sorry but I'd say he's not interested.
  22. I don't think bringing a bottle of wine for dinner sends a bad message. It's quite normal to share one bottle of wine for a dinner date. Even if she already had picked a bottle, either her bottle or yours will be saved for another time, no big deal. I also think it's a common reaction to reassure your guests that they don't need to bring anything, but be happy if they do anyway.
  23. Agree with everybody else here, don't message her again. The jealousy is one thing, and it's not a good sign, but setting up a date and then standing you up like that is unacceptable.
  24. Q: Why is he ignoring me? A: Because you kept cancelling.
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