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  1. Q: Why is he ignoring me? A: Because you kept cancelling.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible loss. Do express yourself and keep writing about your feelings here if you feel like it. There is sadly nothing we can do, but we are thinking about you.
  3. Unfortunately, it is standard human behaviour to make the same mistakes repeatedly, and that definitely includes relationships. This part of your post that I quoted tells me you need to think hard about why you are attracted to abusive people. I think you should maybe look into counselling to get out of that toxic loop.
  4. You should not send flowers to someone who hurt you and discarded you for someone else. Save the flowers for someone who likes you more than she does. Flowers also means other gifts, messages, etc. Number one reason is you should not accept to be a second choice. Number two reason is it won't change her feelings.
  5. 5 years is nothing as long as you're both grown-ups.
  6. I'd say after seeing someone for 6/7 months, it's definitely time to have "the talk" and sort things out. If anyone still has reservations about being an "official" couple after such a long time, then it's time to move on.
  7. It could be they're not really interested, but it could also be they're clueless. I would tell them how you feel (that you want them to take the initiative and make plans). If they don't get the hint, THEN you know for sure it's that they're not interested.
  8. From what she posted he isn't an alcoholic, she said he drinks only once every 2/3 weeks.
  9. You said you have sex "quite often" and that he's lost his erection "a few times". Could you elaborate on the numbers here, as that would give a clearer picture.
  10. Aye, apologies for the necroposting. I don't remember how I ended up reading this old thread, but I hadn't noticed the posting dates.
  11. No offence meant, but from what you've posted, it seems like your wife isn't being satisfied with her relationship with you, and is seeking thrills somewhere else. She may not want to have an affair with the guy, I wouldn't know, but she did engage in daily chats with him and then didn't stop him when he kissed her. It sounds to me like she liked the thrill, even if she felt guilty afterwards. How confident are you about your relationship with her?
  12. Amen... According to what you wrote, you've told him "no" for a whole year.
  13. That sounds like major trust issues.
  14. No one can know for sure if he is not interested, or if it's just that he's oblivious to the fact the ball is now in his court. I would not ghost, but I would keep limited, fairly distant contact. Once he notices you're not very "penpal-y" anymore, he may get the hint that he's losing you and may act on it.
  15. He needs to break up with the woman he is "officially" with, since it's obviously not working. That much I think most of us will all agree on, the rest is up to him. Since you posted this thread, I'm assuming he either asked you for advice, or you feel your advice would be welcomed. But otherwise, yes, it is his private life, so make sure he actually is willing to hear what you have to say.
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