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  1. Thanks Rose Mosse, I certainly wouldn’t be uncomfortable and would welcome someone who is proactive to the care of my parents and of hers too. And currently, none of our parents require physical care, just moral support and being close by in their later years. What is vexing is that she is more empathetic to complete strangers, but keeps her distance even with her own family. She has a soft inside, but very hard outside when it comes to family. She ridiculed me once when I said that the most important thing in life is family, whereas apparently for her it is friends and mate-ship. Must h
  2. Thanks Chrylyn, She’s not from another town, her parents live in the same suburb as we do, just 4 minutes drive. She keeps saying that she only agreed to move in with me next door to my parents because she didn’t any other choice when her lease was up, but she could have easily ended it back then stayed with her parents for a while.... I do wish her all the best.
  3. A warm thank you to all of you who spared their time to reply to me, giving advice and reassurance. As painful as it is to let go of the woman I love, it is comforting to be reassured that I haven’t done anything wrong by her. It is her choice to leave, as it was hers to stay with me to start with. I just wish that she could snap out of her pessimism to appreciate what we had and the nice future we could have built together. Again, thank you very much for your support!
  4. Thanks Wiseman2! Thanks Andrina, I normally have high self esteem, I know my professional strengths and my weaknesses, which I don’t shy away from rectifying. I had 4 girlfriends before her, but never felt a long term connection with them. But I thought that this was the one and gave her the benefit of the doubt that her petulance was due to her frustration in finding a job she liked. But you are absolutely right, I allowed myself to be a doormat in the hopes that she’d come around. And yes, I wasn’t very proactive before meeting her on RSVP. I will follow your advise in finding a happy woma
  5. Thanks Tinydance, You’re right, and I can’t hold her, if she wanted to break up so much for the last three years, she could have, regardless of me agreeing or not. People get dumped all the time. We’re in Australia, and it is not like my parents need my day to day care. I just don’t want to make them feel abandoned when I own a decent house next door to them. Why should I break their hearts in the last few years they may have left. And it is not like they ever disrespected our privacy, they haven’t set foot in our place yet. We just had a text argument about whether I ever loved her,
  6. Yes, my conscience is clear, I haven’t done anything wrong by her. I still love her, but I can’t force her to love me back. The said thing is that asked her to tell me if she no longer loved me so that I stopped trying to save our relationship by finding any compromises we could. She doesn’t say and drags every attempt to talk into an argument, putting words into my mouth that I haven’t spoken. There is no telling her that she might be wrong about anything. She picks a fight saying that all I do is prove her wrong. Not only I don’t do that, I always approach any discussion, no matter how much
  7. Yes, she thinks that there are more opportunities in social work in small towns, which I don’t understand how. Plus, we’d be worse off with me losing a well paying academic job and finding an entry level engineering job at age 54, since I don’t have any industrial experience. I’ve been an academic all my career and got where I am with hard work. Who gives up a 25 year career at 54 and with no guarantee of finding a job?
  8. She said that she stayed for me, for which I am obviously grateful, but neither did I know at the time, nor did I ask her to stay. And the town we are in is actually a capital city with all the job options as anywhere else with better living conditions
  9. I met my girlfriend about 5 years ago, and she was doing her master’s degree. We were all over each other, always holding hands and cuddling in public. It felt so good to have found someone finally. When she finished her degree, she couldn’t find jobs related to her study. She found temporary administrative government jobs, a few good, a few where she wasn’t happy with. She started complaining that she had stayed in town to be with me, that her original plans were to move somewhere else. Gradually, this turned into blaming me, that she had sacrificed her career for me. The intimacy we had g
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