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  1. Sorry to bump an old thread but if anyone is worried it's over now. I'm pretty broken up over it. Hopefully time will show it's positive. Just sucks pretty hard right now
  2. I confronted him on what I listed here and he was very apologetic. He says he doesn't know why he says these things. He says he loves me, what I look like and that he doesn't remember saying most of these things. Not sure if that changes much.
  3. It's more I have stuggled quite a bit in the past. I don't really have family because of abuse. It feels a bit daunting to start again and let another person know all that. Or that they'd want to stay after with my personality etc.
  4. I know, it's not a great reflection on me. The self-esteem thing is difficult and long standing, I don't fear others won't take up with me because how I look. Others have told me I am the more attractive of the pair, not that it matters to me. It's more I don't like my personality or achievements, which is maybe why I put up with it
  5. Guilty. Not really because I don't want to be single, more because there's some great highs. I owe him a lot too. Feels a bit bad to just leave it
  6. My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly two years. He's a person without a filter on what he says. He says some nice things, but it is the very negative things that stick in my mind. I am wondering if I am giving him too hard of a time. It ranges what he says from 'not being his usual type' to not being as attractive as my friends. I have wanted breast enlargement in the past (I don't now and have not mentioned it in a while) but he does say he'll pay for it, unprompted. The last time that happened I just left the situation. Things have been said like I look like a slug, I really am
  7. This is an abusive situation. No one should grab you or hurt you in a relationship. I wouldn't want to stay in a relationship like that and I don't think it is safe to. Saying that you're someone who 'gets beat but doesn't know why' is awful too and emotionally abusive. I am very sorry it happened. Has anything like this happened before with him?
  8. LaHermes, I think you're right in the end. I think it's going to be a case of looking out for me and if he fits in the puzzle, he does. If he doesn't, there'll be others. I really don't want to wait about here till he decides. Thank you
  9. It's true, we're young! Just the feelings are very strong
  10. Thank you for your reply. I think financially like you said that has to come first, I am supporting myself and can't wait here forever as my job isn't enough for more than one. It is a bit scary to think he wouldn't be a phone call away to ask for advice though if our relationship ended. (Sorry this was for Batya33)
  11. I would really like for us to do what we planned originally - it was save up for a year living together, then move to a city to try it, travelling as much as possible inbetween. We spoke about it quite a bit. I can do it on my own, but I just thought it would be more fun to do it with someone else I really love. I have friends obviously but they are all tied up with their own projects, very fairly. I just really didn't want to do it alone, although it feels like I am anyway now. (Sorry this was for SarahLancaster)
  12. Thank you for your reply. I think the problem is I don't really want to wait around here till he figures it out. The plan was, we'd live here for a year till we moved somewhere different, somewhere more suited for us. I think if he doesn't want to do that, I don't want to wait here alone.
  13. Thanls for getting back to me. I think that will be my plan. The relationship otherwise is okay. It used to be really great at the start, and it is when we're together, but over long distance we just don't gel like we do when we're together. He is a bit immature in some ways, as am I at times, but seems genuine in trying to understand me when I explain something makes me uncomfortable/feel upset. But when I explain I am a bit taken aback by this, he seems to retract that he said he wanted to move in at this date, he thought I wanted this particular flat, etc.
  14. Hi, I am 22 and just finished university. I have got a job, and I am in a relationship of a year and a half with a guy who's also my age and just graduated too. Basically, he wanted to live together after we graduated. Then coronavirus hit, and he said we can move in together in July, when we have finished our courses. July came, he hadn't committed and said can we move in together in October. I was okay with this, we're young and I get he wanted his summer with his friends (his reasoning) as we live about 2 hours apart now. So I moved in on a temporary lease somewhere. I was looking fo
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