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  1. Because he stopped, but sometimes he does it. And whenever there's a minimum of beauty in the girl, he stare at her.
  2. He just won't stop. At the beginning it was more intense, like he would turn around to check out the girl. Sometimes he stared at them really intense beside me. Now he's making efforts because I told him that I don't like it, but he fails sometimes. He stare at them, and he told me sometimes he's wondering how the girl would be as a girlfriend, or even sometimes he told me he has sexual desires. I know it's not wrong to notice attractive people, but when it's staring at them beside me, I feel like an idiot. He told me he does it when we're not together, but I just can't imagine my boyfriend gawking at other girls.. maybe I'm too jealous, but I just don't like this feeling it gives me. I'm always scared whenever we're out in public. I just moved in with him and now I feel like that's a mistake because I know in my heart, he won't change. He's 33 and I'm 22. He told me he won't cheat on me but the way he acts in public doesn't convince me. Plus he has a huge problem with porn and masturbating. (Wich is ok, but he watches porn at least more than 5 times a day) I don't know what I should do...
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