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  1. Wiseman2, I know there's free dating sites but this is the one site I chosen to join.
  2. limichelle, we have discussed about meeting up. He lives in Russia and i am from the UK so it's kind of difficult at the moment. I do feel a strong connection with him. I know online it can be different than meeting up in person. Only time will tell of his intentions!
  3. I've been chatting to a guy online for about a year now. Anyway, I messaged him and it took him an hour and half to reply, which he has never taken that long, always been straight away. Before this i signed in, then signed back in about 2 hours later. The reason was because I was hoping I could had got a pre approved payment through PayPal to chat to him. He was chasing me a lot at the beginning so I know he's definitely interested in me. I'm thinking that he was thinking I was wanting to chat to someone else and not him because we was both online. He asked me if I like fishing, go fishi
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