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  1. I feel so pathetic for constantly offering love and understanding but getting very little in return.
  2. I posted earlier about my boyfriend changing his mind about moving in together. Since then we have reconciled and agreed to do other things to move us forward as a couple such as go on a vacation/staycation together to reconnect post quarantine. I didn't get overly excited about it as there's not much one can do these days but I was lookong forward to the opportunity to spend an extended time together. It was his idea to do the vacation/staycation time and now he's wondering if we should do it at all due to finances. I understand but am also disappointed as he tends to do this a lot, i.e.
  3. I'm now wondering if this is my fault, if I pushed too hard.
  4. Thank you everyone. Even though all opinions point in the same direction I still struggle with what to do. Like you have said I get these hints of something more or even outright ideas and proposals about the future but when it comes time to do the things he says he changes his mind and I get very confused. I tend to form relationships with emotionally unavailable people. I was hoping this time was different.
  5. The same issues tend to be moving forward. I've brought up my spending more time over in the past and he said he wasn't ready. Or I've tried to have discussions on what we mean to each other and he always says it's not a good time. Every attempt to move forward I am pushed back and told that he likes his space. That's why I was so excited this time as I thought he was ready. For the first time moving in came up without me bringing it up. I'm 30 and he's 34. Pre virus we had our own separate lives and hobbies. We would spend the weekend together and one evening a week.
  6. I don't know what to do. During lockdown my boyfriend and I were separate and doing great. We talked together on a daily basis, we did virtual movies, etc. He even spoke of experimenting with my moving in. I was so excited and a little panicked as I thought it was perhaps too much to go from not seeing each other at all to being each other's only companionship if we had to ride out quarantine together. Later it was communicated that I misunderstood and he actually meant me not moving in but being around more, i.e. experimenting with a month or week living together. Now that quarantine is
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