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  1. My last job about 8 of us started at the same time so there weren’t as many office politics as I’ve experienced before! It kind of leveled the playing field. But I’ve definitely had jobs where there were office politics amongst the women and I found myself at the bottom as the newest and youngest. I think as much as you can try to be as confident as you can and don’t forget that flattery can get you far. Try and figure out who could help you out the most by liking you and do nice things for them like getting them a cola or a coffee. Don’t be a kiss ass but anyone with a complex in office polit
  2. My husband and I recently moved back to the US. We are ready to start a family and the plan is for me to stay at home with the baby once that happens (not forever but longer than the American 12 unpaid weeks). I am currently agonizing over looking for a job. On the one hand, it could take a while for me to get pregnant and on the other, if it happens soon then I won’t even be at my job a year before I have to leave it. I know people are often at jobs for a year or less but I feel bad knowingly doing it. I was previously a teacher (while living in the US) but was very stressed out in that p
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