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  1. You say it's your last straw, then say you're 'this close' to leaving. I say move. You can still be a caring daughter involved in your mom's life, but yes it will take more effort. If you move even an hour or two away, you're close enough to drive in once or twice a month to see your mom, but far enough that you can carve out a private, peaceful life for yourself in your own little corner of the world. You must decide...is this your last straw REALLY?
  2. Hi Wiseman, There's no marriage timeline. Neither of us have been married, but both of us have been engaged to people we were in long term relationships with. It would be nice to be married eventually, but to be honest it's not a huge priority for me right now, and not something I think about often. I wouldn't consider marriage an end goal. So no, the no marriage talk after four years isn't really where these worries & doubts come from. As for finances, he owns the house/property, and I give him rent. I am happy to keep finances separate that way, which we'd agreed to since we'd done th
  3. Thanks so much to those who answered! I was expecting people to tell me to stop choosing emails over discussing things in person, and you're all right about that. I disagree with someone's suggestion that its passive aggressive though. If anything I'm weak & cowardly for communicating this way. And we're both too passive. In the last four years, we've done this email exchange thing 4 or 5 times, so not often, but too much I guess. It's just done on occasion when we have an 'obstacle', for example the last time we did email exchanges was about 8 months ago when he asked me to cosign for
  4. Hi, I've been with my boyfriend for four years, living together for two. We're similar in that we're both introverts with a lot of trouble communicating. We simply can't speak about the troubles we have very effectively. Because of this, and also because of our differing work schedules which keep us apart for days sometimes, we've exchanged emails as a way to get out what's on our minds. We both are better at writing our feelings than we are talking about them. A few weeks ago, he told me he had doubts about us. I share some doubts too...and admitted that...but of course it's still hurtful. I
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