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  1. We both work and contribute. She also has a job outside the house loower pay but that provides insurance for all of us.
  2. It won't let me edit the OP but splitting time with the kids is going to be the worst part of this. And having to pull them away from their friends and the area also.
  3. Wife & I married 11 years ago. We have 3 children btwn 4-10 yrs old. I'm 40, she's late 30's. She is a serial cheat. She cheated before we got married (I found out later it was at least 3 times but caught her twice). I thought she would never do it once we were married and that was her promise. She begged and fought for me not to leave her and I bit. 3 years ago she had an emotional affair with her best friend's husband. I shut that down. in 2019 she started talking to him again and it turned into a real affair. (This is her bf's HUSBAND by the way) It was short because I caught t
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