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  1. I mean fix our friendship. We used to spent so much time together, we shared a lot of things and he was a good friend. The romantic sense was something we both handled poorly and I don't want that back. I just want to communicate, remain friends and have him in my life. I was so anxious because I thought we were going to discuss about everything that happened between us and bring up a lot of ugly things. But I am glad that didn't happen.
  2. He didn't cancel. We went for a walk by the beach and had some ice cream. It was ok. A little bit awkward, we were both afraid the other would bring up our issues but that didn't happen. We chatted for 2 hours and updated each other about what is going on in our lives. Made plans for next month to catch up again. That happened yesterday and today he sent me a pic of his dog he just adopted. I really think we can fix this..
  3. I get your points. I really want to get over him. I have been there when he flirted other women, we were friends and we had casual sex. I think I can handle it. I want him in my life because of all the things he meant to me all those years. I just want to have the chance to hang with him, talk and share things. I really try to meet other people and really want to fall in love again. This is not "in love". Things got pretty ugly and I just dont feel good about not having him in my life. I want to make him feel safe around me again and start sharing things again. Just commenting on posts is not
  4. Hello. I am very anxious and really need some advice. I had a best friend. I am a female and he is a male, in our mid 20s. We were in the same college and were friends through all those years. We were together in many classes so we spent almost everyday together. We had a sexual relationship, I had a crush on him, he didn't but we continued with sex. Over the years I became really clingy and we fought a lot about it. I didn't leave him space and always wanted to spent time with him. We finally had a huge fight the past Christmas and he decided to take me out of his life. We have a lot of mutua
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