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  1. Yes thank u Sarah. I think this is the best advice. He has a lot of self control and is very much his own person. This is partly what attracted Me to him. Initially I didn’t doubt much that he would do something like this as I I always felt he had his own mind and values but I have allowed myself stew on it which yes is making me feel worse about myself. The other guys got married young and he has often commented that their heads are easily turned by a bit of attention whereas he was single for years and Appreciates our relationship probably more so as a result. It was a bachelor party to thos
  2. Yes it was a one off trip. He rang me multiple times and was sober all the time. That’s just who he is. I’ve seen it multiple times over the past year that while his friends are drunk etc he remains sober. His friends wives would always tell me I’m lucky that way and that he doesnt engage in that lifestyle. That part I have no doubt about. There were other guys on the trip not engaging in this stuff. Guys from my experience seem to be able to block out their friends indiscretions if they know them a long time easier than women. Also he is a much different person in every sense to these men, ca
  3. Yes but I know for a fact that most of what you said above is untrue. Drugs are definitely not on this guys agenda, nor were they on everyone’s agenda on the trip. For my own reasons I have no doubt about that. I also amnt so self righteous as to refer to people as “scum”.. Damaged yes but scum isn’t a word I’d use to describe another human being
  4. Wow thanks for your post. Your thinking is very black and white. I’ll leave it at that.. you’re entitled to your opinion 👍🏻
  5. No if anything I am prone to being paranoid about these things so generally I don’t overlook stuff. I suppose I feel that someone is in a different mindset if they’re not drinking or taking drugs to the friends who were doing that. That sets them apart straight away. He had also told me after the trip that he spent a lot of time in the casinos when the drugs started. This was prior to me being suspicious at all. I think people can have childhood friends and be different to them. I have a female friend who would cheat on her husband but it’s not something I would ever do. Yes my heart is with t
  6. Yes that’s what i thought. Am I right in thinking that it’s unlikely he would have told me about his friends if he had done the same? He did tell me after that he didn’t enjoy the trip as much as other trips due to the drugs etc that people on it were taking. The prostitutes is something I naively never even thought about. I just remember thinking at the time the message he sent me out of the blue to reassure me the night he got there that he really liked me was a little odd? Am I overreading stuff now?!
  7. Hi. I have been in a relationship with a nice man for a year now. He seems very invested in the relationship although for the first few months he moved very slowly. About 6 months into our relationship he went to Las Vegas with friends. He has since admitted that a few of the guys, some married were unfaithful. When I probed him on this he told me that they had used prostitutes. The difference between my guy and the others is that he doesn’t drink much alcohol or take any drugs. The reason I probed him Initially on the trip was because I felt uneasy when I saw the guys reaction months later wh
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