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  1. I don't know what outcome I want to be honest. If anything I'd like to have a sit down with him and get to the bottom of his behaviour.
  2. I am K. I just put myself in the third person (I am probably wrong in that so apologies if I am) for identity purposes.
  3. Hi, I am hoping someone help me. I am posting on behalf of my work friend. Her name is K (changed to protect identity) and this is concerning a guy whose name is M (also changed to protect identity). K is 35 years old and has been married for a little over 2 years to a 43 year old guy she has known since she was 18 and everyone she worked and works with knows of her marital status including this guy. They are happily married but K was assaulted when she was 15 years old by an older guy, abroad, who has tried to take her away from her family. She has never reported it because she feels she w
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