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  1. Bc i had a past relationship that lasted 4 years and it really hurt me and messed me up so i feel like i got into the habit of just pushing everyone away
  2. Well u know what. I just really needed someone to talk to alright my life is a damn mess hes a good fricken guy and i am so tired of making his life hard all im asking is what do i do.
  3. I love my bf so much more than anything in the world. But i see it that i make his life harder because im always constantly pushing him away. And he wants to be together because he says he loves me and all. But i cant help but think.. should i leave him so he’ll be happier and life will be easier. Cause his life is already so difficult without me. Every-time i bring up breaking up he just says “no” but i feel like i should even tho i dont want to just to make him happy and make his life easier.. what do i do.
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