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  1. Thanks for the brutal honesty. Just a very confused guy trying to navigate a very tough and confusing situation.
  2. She is actually the one that suggested the trip. We planned to go to Vermont together 2 weeks ago, but she wasn’t able to because of her mom. I have been quarantining with a large group of friends and her with just her family, so I understand the hesitation. We were both very upset that we couldn’t see each other, which led her to suggest going on a trip together, I never brought the idea up
  3. Thank you! I will work my best to be less overbearing and wanting constant communication, I think that is what has been hurting our relationship
  4. We are planning on taking a roadtrip down to South Carolina for a week together. That involves a 13 hour drive. I can’t imagine this would be a “just a friends trip” if we are staying alone together for a week is my thoughts behind it. Thank you for the advice, I will pull back a bit and give her some space, I don’t want her thinking I am overbearing or obsessed.
  5. A little bit of context. This girl has been my best friend since freshman year in college, a little over 4 years ago. I have always been attracted to her and had feelings for her, but never acted on them. They were easy to ignore sometimes throughout college as we periodically were dating other people and seemed comfortable being just friends. She ended up transferring schools 2 years ago, so it made it easier to keep her off my mind. We stayed in touch once and a while to make sure everything was alright with each other. Fast forward to this past January. One night we were texting, I was v
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