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  1. lostandhurt: You have some great points. Thank you so much for them. You're right happiness is a choice and can't be given Just trying to take it all in and put my emotions aside for a moment to figure out my next steps. I really just wished he would leave now so I can move forward with my healing process. It's hard seeing him everyday at home
  2. dancingfool : Your statement "Your biggest obstacle isn't your heart, it's hope - hoping that he'll suddenly change and be a good husband. He won't and you've got to learn to believe that." was a strong one. I really appreciate that because it made me stop and think and realize you're absolutely correct. Thank you for that
  3. keepthefaith & Skeptic76 : I really appreciate hearing from you guys especially since you guys experienced the same situation yourself. May I ask what happened? Did you just fall out of love? Was there anything you think your spouse did/could of done to have changed or made things better? Just wondering.....
  4. Wiseman2: We went to couples therapy but he ended up having a disagreement with the counselor so we never went back. That I know of he hasn't had any affairs. He promised he would show me he loved me and put more effort into our relationship to make it work. You're right though, i need some counseling for myself and also some legal advise would be good. I just don't want to make this split ugly. Thank you for your words
  5. Thanks boltnrun. You're absolutely right , the kids do see and notice things. The only good thing is that when he did move out that one time was when I had only one baby at the time and wasn't a year old yet. The other times have been word of mouth. Still though it doesn't make it any better. I appreciate your words. I loved what you said about a broken home.
  6. Hello, I am new here and I was hoping someone could give me some advise. I've been married for about 11 yrs now and have 3 kids. Throughout the course of our marriage my husband has moved out once (to his own apt) and has told me he wants to separate at least 5-6 other times. Every time he has done this I have told him to go and find his happiness (except for the first time , I pretty much begged him to work it out). The other times he has told me he wants to separate, just as he's getting ready to leave, he comes begging me to give him another chance. This is usually when we aren't in spe
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