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  1. My fiance and I started dating five years ago. Before him, I had been in a serious relationship with one other person which lasted two years. We told each other about our past relationships - I was still a virgin but I had cleared the other bases with my ex-boyfriend. This really bothered by current fiance. We had a great relationship otherwise but he mentioned multiple times that that he just couldn't get passed the idea of another man having seen me naked. So, I decided to lie about it and said that actually my ex-boyfriend had only seen me in my underwear. At this point, I had lost all contact with my ex and I knew there was no way my fiance would ever find out the truth unless I told him. It's been five years and my fiance and I are getting married this summer and have a great relationship. I hadn't thought about the lie, but recently, my fiance and I had a conversation where he said again that it would have really bothered him if my ex had seen me naked. Personally I am not ashamed of what I did in my relationship with my ex. However, I believe that a marriage should be built on trust and I do think that lying to him was wrong. I've been considering telling my fiance that I've lied to him but I don't think he'd be able to get over not just me being untruthful, but his need to be the only one to ever have had any sexual experience with me. I worry that that insecurity could ruin our relationship. Would it be the right thing to do to tell him? Or should I forget about it and let us move forward without thinking about the past?
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