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  1. It's clear your standards for selecting men are low. Why else would someone be posting on this thread unhappy with the situation? You are clearly fed up with this dude and not satisfied with how he treats you. There's a reason! He's a poor choice, low value and a cheater! You have picked the totally wrong man to fret about. No wonder your life is upside down. Please move on asap!!
  2. I don't know of any segregated steam rooms in town.
  3. Thanks everyone. This man must have thought I would be flattered about my legs. He wasn't hitting on anyone else in the steam room. We are all in bathing suits so our bodies are exposed. I go in to relax only and don't mind chit chatting here and there about banal subjects. But legs?? Next time I will act cold, turn away or better yet move to another area in the steam room.
  4. I have been to a lovely steam room several times for therapeutic reasons. It loosens up my tight muscles and helps me sleep. Tonight I was on the upper level and a man started talking to me. Fine I thought, no harm in chatting. Of course we are all in bathing suits. Mine is nothing sexy at all. More like competitive swimmer attire. He kept looking at my legs and saying "wow your legs are awesome". He went on to discuss his back problems and asked if I knew how to tweeq his stuck shoulder joint. Really, is this proper decoram for a public steam room or am I simply socially daft?
  5. Totally odd, no other men have done this with me in the past. This fella would also talk about how he helped this female friend or that one of these friends had a husband who was controlling, etc. Mentioning them (not by name BTW) in passing a lot. It's like he wanted me to think he is popular with the ladies and thus desirable?? The whole thing turned me off and didn't at all raise my attraction to him.
  6. Thanks Waffle. Why do you think men do this, flaunt these women in our face? Seems a bit immature to me!
  7. Yes during our dates, each time. I don't know why he's doing this. Showing off? I'd rather not see them a second time. Once is fine.
  8. I went out on 3 dates with a guy and we have chemistry. Lots of smiles, flirting and hugs. He spends a lot of time each date showing me his antique cars, things he has built for other people and roofs he has repaired. There are at least 6 photos of other women that are conveniently within eye reach of the stuff he shows me. I asked who a couple of them were and he said "oh she's a friend". Hmmm. They are very attractive women. My point is that after our dinner, movie or beach stroll, each time he pulls out the phone and proceeds to go over the same pictures he did the previous night. I already saw them and feel a bit irked too at seeing so many of his female friends. No other guy has done this and it feels weird. It's fine and dandy to see all your accomplishments. But the same thing over and over? I wonder if I should refuse another date. What do people think?
  9. I totally understand the age difference coming into play and her preferring those her own age. She did get back to me saying sorry for late replies, she's stressed. She still wants to do a sports activity with me on the weekend. Your comments have really put all this into perspective!!
  10. No she hasn't. I haven't brought up anything that would require her support. Like problems, etc.
  11. It makes perfect sense she has her own life and friends. The age gap I understand totally. I did form a rather parent relationship with her. She broke up with BF for awhile and she felt lost and upset. I supported and listened, gave encouragement, etc. I think she appreciated it. They got back together so - this is where it's at. She's moving closer him. I feel quite a fondness for her. Hopefully we can get together once in awhile or catch up by phone. I'm glad the FB friends thing was probably nothing to do with me. I was concerned because none of my other 52 FB friends have done this. I have always been able to see their friends lists. I suppose anything can happen with privacy issues these days. So I can understand. .
  12. Thanks folks. You're right,there is quite an age difference. It makes sense she would prefer people her own age. BF especially. I will put my feelings aside and gear towards not taking this personal at all. I admit it's a bit disappointing and sad as I really, really enjoyed her company. What can you do though? She's probably focusing on other things like finding a place to live, the BF etc. I'm always sad when people leave my life who I felt a spec connection with. I'll do what I've always done. Grieve and wish them well.
  13. Reconnected with my niece after a long time. We went hiking, swimming, movies, lunches, and had lots of fun! There's quite an age gap (30 yrs) but we had fun and talked alot. I was quite open and am always interested in her life. On FB we added each other as friends. I saw all her friends and posts, as she mine. I logged in today and see I'm still her friend but her friends list is blocked from me. I'm wondering if this is an indication that something has changed in the way she feels about me in her life. I also noticed the last time I invited her out, she wrote back a vague reply, not committing to anything. I suggested a day the following week, no reply until a week later. Saying something came up. Is this over with her now? Should I assume she's no longer interested in hanging out? I try to look at subtle signs. The FB thing and not committing to an activity. I have an eerie feeling. She also said in a FB post she is asking anyone if they know of a place to rent, which is closer to where her BF lives. It's about a 2 he drive from here. I'm a bit heartbroken 😟. Does anyone have any feedback? Thank you!
  14. It sounds like he didn't enjoy the sex with you. Sorry.
  15. Is your boss married? Don't give your boss any signals romantically. If he shows an interest in you at some point, erect boundaries and keep it professional. Bad idea to romantically fantastize about the boss. Admiring him is ok though. You could lose your job if something inappropriate develops. You don't need a man to cheapen you and cost you your job.
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