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  1. Obviously i can tell him that at present i have no interest in anything. I dont think it needs to be said though as i think he feels the same. And how do you mean? Everyone keeps saying how could i be potentially romantically interested (which im not) when i dont know him, so surely that works both ways so why now has it been said that he could potentially be interested romantically?
  2. I dont think i saw your post. I will go back and look now
  3. Ok. But i cant tell him for 100% sure that i have no interest, at the moment no i dont have any interest in dating or anything like that, i do not know him, but thats not to say that after meeting and getting to know him more that things might not change. As with anyone meeting someone new. How can he have an interest in a potential romantic involvement when he doesnt even know me? Maybe hes just like all young guys and is just looking to hook up. Maybe he just generally has a flirty nature. I dont know, i dont know him well enough to find these things out
  4. I dont appear to be able to win either way. First im wrong because everyone thinks i want some kind of romantic involvement, now im wrong for not wanting that. Just because he flirts and wants to meet doesnt mean he is looking for anything to come of it. He could just be a flirty kind of guy
  5. That is what my question was yes. But even in answering the question that i originally asked it is still in disbelief. Everyone seems to think there must be some kind of hidden agenda or something and doesnt seem to believe me when i say otherwise and try and clarify.
  6. I am not being antagonizing. I may well appear defensive but that is only because i posted about something and initially got negative responses to something different. Yes i have since had responses to my initial question and i have stated somewhere previously that i accepted those answers. Or atleast i thought i did. But since then i have still had negative posts about me and the situation that even when i have tried to explain has been misunderstood. I have been treated as though i am a child for the most part and it is very frustrating when trying to get my point across all i get is spoken to like i am an idiot
  7. I posted on another forum too. I am not contradicting myself. I have explained many times now why i asked and what i was asking. I did not thing when posting that i would get such negative responses but then as you have just pointed out... i dont think
  8. im 30. I work. I am currently unable to work though due to the virus
  9. He knows all of this already. He is not currently suicidal. He has said that he has been in the past, a few years back
  10. Because i dont think that is the case. I dont feel as though i am over invested or feel any kind of responsibility towards him. I simply wanted to ask others experiences and opinions on how best to let him know hes not alone. Not because i feel responsible in anyway but because i know what it is like, i deal with others with depression daily but i know them more and am closer to them so it is easier. I dont feel it is a sense of responsibility or being too invested to want to make sure someone is ok. Especially someone you know or are getting to know. A little compassion can go along way. You never know, that one person telling a stranger they can talk to them could be all it takes to keep that person alive another day
  11. I have explained numerous times what it was about, even in the post that you have quoted
  12. Well i wouldnt exactly call any of our conversations sexting. Some have been a bit about sex but i wouldnt say it was really sexting. He doesnt shut me out personally, he sometimes just doesnt want to talk to anyone. Theres nothing wrong with that. If he has suicidal thoughts then id say it was a good thing he lives with his mum. I know from those in my family that if they loves alone, they wouldnt be here today. And you cant use the fact that someone sometimes struggles as a basis for whether you should or shouldnt communicate with them. Long distance, only a month of talking and never met, i get. But as i have said, i am not looking to get in a relationship with this guy or even to necessarily meet him. All i was initially asking was if there was any way to show that i was there if he ever wanted to talk about anything. Some of which he has spoken to me about. It was never about anything more than that. It was not about me trying to play at being a dr/therapist/psychiatrist etc.. and it wasnt about me wanting to date a guy i have never met. I am not looking to date anybody right now least of all someone i dont know that i would rarely see
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