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  1. I mean you left him? You blocked him? And limiting contact with him? From the view of a man he’s probably just going through a stage of proving a point. Like saying he doesn’t need you, however he will most likely be back within a few weeks when he comes to his senses. Also the comment about him pushing you over your mental stability is a little confusing, as you left him? If he has moved on it is way too quick which isn’t appropriate but the point is he was dumped, hell to be feeling low and is looking for a high, so I don’t see it being fair listing mental health issues when he maybe tryin
  2. I’m 18 year old male who’s been dating his girlfriend for 4 years suddenly the relationship is like walking on egg shells. This Is because I’ve made mistakes in the past, nothing violent or cheating I just get jealous and lose my temper, throwing a tantrum as she’d put it, However to me It’s my way of telling her how I feel, I’ve struggled a lot when growing up with being able to speak my mind and it’s often led to me committing self harm. So to feel like I can’t tell her what upsets me without an argument is killing me inside, I literally can’t even ask her to not call me names like “idiot” o
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