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  1. As a person whose father was physically and verbally abusive to my mother and every woman unfortunate enough to cross his path, I would say get out and avoid anyone who loses it and assaults you physically or verbally. Couples have arguments. It's normal. But abuse is abuse and neither you or your child deserve that. Being around people like that, does long term emotional damage to you and your child/children. My mother had low self esteem and was shy. He took advantage. She ended up thinking it was her fault, in some way. Beating her even when she was pregnant. Always coming back with he didn
  2. Hi all New to site, so please bear with me. Here's the dilemma. My partner of four years, who is loving and affectionate, is doing some odd things with his phone and it is making me suspicious. Sometimes (not all) puts phone down when I walk into the room. When we're sitting together on the sofa, sometimes sits with phone tilted away so that I can't see what he's writing or looking at. Takes phone to the bathroom every time he goes. And lately, if he wakes before me, lays on his side, toward the side of the bed and spends time on his phone. If I pretend to stir, he puts down the phone a
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