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  1. My partner’s sister is sabotaging our relationship Need help!! My partner (M29) and I(F28) have been in a relationship for 3 years. We moved in together 2 years back. We live overseas just by ourselves. Our parents are not in the same country as us. His sister(F33) lives in the same country as us. She got married and moved here 5 years ago. She got divorced after 1 year and then moved in with my partner after her divorce. He was then living with his ex girlfriend and sister for a year. His sister didn’t get along with his ex and his ex decided to end the relationship because of his sister as she was very intrusive and made her life hell in the house. My partner and his sister continued to live together after his break up. After we started dating, they were still living together and then she had to move out as she got a job far away from where they were living. My partner asked me if I wanted to move in with him and I said yes. His sister has now bought a new house which is like 100 kms away from where we currently live. She is still single and feels lonely and depressed so she wants my partner to move in with her again as she can’t handle things alone. His family doesn’t know that we live together so they are supportive of her decision to have my partner move in with her. Me and her don’t get along either so I can’t move in with them. My partner feels that she is alone so he should help her out. He has come up with a suggestion that he will divide his time amongst the two of us during the week i.e. spend 3 days with me and 4 days with her and vice versa. I think it’s ridiculous because it’s hard for him to juggle between two homes in a week and when he has to go to work as well. I think his sister just does not want him to be with me and that’s why she’s causing all these problems in our relationship. What should I do? I feel like she will never find anyone as it is really hard to live with her and if I decide to marry my partner she will always be causing problems in our relationship.
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