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  1. You are right after my mom past 2 years ago I feel like I am denial about him & no I'm not polyamorous & my boyfriend doesn't want to know & he doesn't want me or my son around the other guy & when I tried to sneak & get the DNA test with the other guy his dad died the day before we were going to do it & believe me it is a mess a HUGE mess
  2. I have been in a relationship for 4 years. Me and my boyfriend broke up a couple times. I had sex with someone else. I ended up pregnant with my amazing son and we dont who his father is yet. But I cant stop thinking about the other guy, even before I had my son. My boyfriend and I have been a rocky relationship he has grown into a great person, but he use to put his hands on me hasn't since I had my child he is now 7 months. But He was putting his hands on me while I was pregnant. We argue about stupid things and he doesn't trust me. But I am constantly thinking about the other guy. I am thin
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