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  1. I am with Sherry here. I would have stayed and been there for my MIL during that time (it's not like it's every day) regardless of the fact whether the daughter wants to be there or not... And believe me, that will bring her so much joy and comfort and you will be contributing to her recovery too.... And then, you can have a more relaxed honeymoon later...
  2. I watched it completely. Helpful, thank you !
  3. No Rose, not yet :) As I explained earlier, he has expressed his general sentiments for me and his interest in dating me to my brother over the last years... He has not said anything directly to me, my brother says if he brings it up again, he can tell him to go ahead with the idea and that he will be more than happy to do that...
  4. Thank you Bluecastle. I don't know why you get the impression that I assess people negatively but allow me to tell you that it's not true at all. I know he has developed feelings for me over the years and is a rather sensitive guy so saying no to him might hurt as well... This is a very interesting take... Thank you. I hadn't looked at it this way :) The title you suggest is in fact much better...
  5. Sherry, thank you. What you describe here sounds realistic... I do admit however that I am clearly attracted to men who know how to converse, with whom I can have nice discussions and learn from...
  6. Maybe apprehensive because of a past bad experience...
  7. Rose, to answer your question, yea I like him as he is a nice sweet man and it is really hard to find a good man or woman these days especially among people of my generation... To answer your other question, it was interesting that you asked but yes he has been in one long term relationship and was about to marry his fiancée when they broke up about a year ago... it was the girl who broke up.
  8. I have already explained, I honestly do not see him as a lesser person, we just seem to have different passions. For instance, he doesn't read books as I have heard him say in gatherings, this is something I do all the time... Otherwise, he is a great human being, compassionate, nice, well-behaved... I am just wondering if it can be an obstacle in the relationship or if it is worth to compromise ... Needless to say, I have gone out with very well-read men who have turned out to be personality-wise total jerks...
  9. I hear you Batya, setting people up is great and works pretty well a lot of times! And it is common in all cultures.
  10. I know... I guess it is due to all the bad experiences I have had... I may make another thread to explain about it... it may come from that and I do not recognise it unconsciously..
  11. Yes Sherry, I also think that he is a really good guy, from what I have seen and what I have heard. My concern is, from what I have observed, is that we have different passions in life apart from our desire to have stability and a family...
  12. Thank you, it's true that I do not know him profoundly unless I go on dates with him.
  13. Thank you. Yes he has BSc in physics but works in a different field now as he did not find a job.
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