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  1. I get irrationally upset with my husband when we go to visit my family and he leaves and goes golfing with my brother. I don't know why, I'm annoyed because he's spending money or because he's 'having fun with out me'. I also get annoyed with the amount of drinking he does when we're there, it cost money and it's unhealthy ( he doesn't have a drinking problem). I'm sick of being annoyed with him for these things. I spend money on coffee and he never comments, he encourages me to go do things without him with my friends. I just want to not care and not be bothered by it all but it still annoys me. I don't understand why it annoys me, if it's money or him spending time without me. I wish I understood why it bothers me. I just want to be the 'cool wife' that doesn't care because he's genuinely great and doesn't deserve the grief and they're such stupid things to be upset about.
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