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  1. Abitbroken. The inheritance is the flat. No savings or we wouldn't have this issue. The property is worth quarter of a mil so it's worth while doing this to save it. It's for 3 years until her pensions start and she can support her self again and at that point the mortgage would be gone.
  2. Yes, but we aren't doing it that way, I am not a property tycoon and with it being a single lease to my mum it's alot easier to do the following way and get an agreement that when we marry, if we were to divorce this property has nothing to do with her what so ever. As far as I'm aware she would be able to go after half of everything the way the UK law is set for divorces. If I was the parent I would be wanting the same peace of mind.... I would like to add neither of us think she would do this. Also this was a quick comment, saying my mum had requested this if we were to get married. Nothing serous
  3. Seraphim, I suppose everyone is different. The fact this is for the mothers security and not mine doesn't mean planning for failure. Regarding prenuptial in general for marital homes..... Even then everyone knows that alot of relationships don't last forever even if they feel like they will at the time. So instead of planning for failure it's more agreeing what happens if things don't go to plan to make life better for everyone including future kids and your own well being.
  4. HI @LAMBERT yes we actually went out yesterday to look at a few places and decided on an area to move to :) we hadn't really discussed marriage or kids but when talking about the area to move to we were both referring to good schools for the kids.... I assumed we were on the same page. Otherwise there would be no point in looking at houses.
  5. @seraphim - even if it was for the mothers property that the son was taking over? She just wants to confirm that if we were to get married and then divorce she would not have any worry regarding loosing the roof over her head. Or that I loose half my inheritance that she's worked all her life for. Right now neither of us think my girlfriend is capable of this and also I wouldn't be looking at buying a house with someone I don't expect to be with for the rest of my life. However as mentioned my mum was divorced after 16 years of marriage and 21 years of being together in total so she does have trust issues regardless and knows that "sh1t happens".
  6. Hi abitbroken. We are in the UK (unsure about everyone else here) this allows me to protect my inheritance. I will be able to rent the flat back to her and she will be able to claim housing benefits to pay this. (on the subject of benefits she has worked her whole life and paid tax, she has now taken unwell and is unable to work and she did not qualify for medical retirement. Now she has lost her job with cutbacks during this covid 19 crisis). So essentially the government will be paying her mortgage. Either way I am here for relationship, not financial advice. I have not asked or mentioned anything regarding what would be the arrangement on our marital home as you put it, purely the outcome of my mums flat.
  7. Thanks so far for the replies. We are probs years away from marriage (2 or 3 I recon) so it wouldn't be a case of signing on the dotted line any time soon. I believed bringing it up straight after my mum asked me about it wasn't a bad thing to do considering I'll be buying her property in the next 2 months. If it was the other way around I wouldn't bat an eye lid. Worried about our relationship now with her reaction but I don't know how to make it better.
  8. So I have been with my girlfriend for over 4 years now. We live together in my flat which I purchased when we first met. My mum has come in to difficulties with work so I am going to buy her flat from her to save her moving out and take over the mortgage. I was also talking to my mum about how we are looking at buying a larger house together and eventually get married. Due to this mention of marriage my mum asked me to get a prenup signed to protect her property as this is her security and home. She is also divorced 14 years ago after a 16 year marriage so she knows first hand things change. I mentioned this to my girlfriend as I knew it wouldn't be a problem and she doesn't care about money (which I don't have much of anyway). She is upset now and saying I should never have mentioned this to her. I'm worried this will break us up. Have I messed up? I don't belive so. Also is there a way to fix this? She believes I should have brought this up before the wedding. I'm not the most romantic and we don't talk about getting married or having children, however when looking for a large family home we discuss schools ect so I just assume that's the way we were heading.
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