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  1. Hi Holly, It’s fine , I just wanted answers really , that’s all I went on there for and deleted myself straight away ! Glad he’s gone and it’s over , just wanted some confirmation that it wasn’t me !
  2. Thanks for everyone’s response. Hoping to let this thread die now as I overlooked the bit it terms and conditions that say free users can’t delete posts and think I’ve put way to much sensitive info that I wouldn’t have put if I didn’t think it was deletable ! Totally my fault for missing it as most forums allow for sensible topics to be deleted so I’m hoping this thread now dies and gets lost amongst all the others ! Thanks for your comments
  3. Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment on my story! Although I feel strong enough to not want to contact him again, I was left with feeling so bad about myself and maybe even believing him about it being my fault , like maybe I should have tried harder not to speak about mum even the first time , or show disappointment about not spending time together when isolation eases! But your comments have helped me realise that these feelings and needs are NORMAL and I didn’t do anything wrong by expressing them ! 😊😊😊 thank you x
  4. Hi and thank you both for your input! Holly just to clear up any misunderstanding, I’ve not stalked him and apart from replying to two text messages on the first day of our breakup, I’ve not reached out or spoke to him since which Is why I’m so confused why he chose to block me since I wasn’t contacting him and, despite the first few days being rough, realised by day three that I actually didn’t want him back, just wanted to understand what happened and how as it totally blindsided me as I didn’t see it coming ! I only checked to see if he was on a online dating app because of what he said
  5. Hi, I was with my Ex Boyfriend just short of 12 months! In that time he spoke of marriage and never failed to tell me he loved me loads and missed me when we weren’t together ! He was the first guy to truly make me feel valued and loved! I suffer from shyness and always struggled mixing in large groups and when he and I got together, I felt quite shy around his family which is very large although I worked hard to get over my shyness and be very friendly ! I did sense however, that certain louder members of his family hadn’t quite taken to me which may or may not have had a baring on the e
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