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  1. I don't know any of his family and/or friends and have no contact details. He's in China so in terms of police/authorities I wouldn't even know where to start on that.
  2. Thanks folks, really appreciate your comments. I guess it's not easy to cut him out completely and block him. Last time I tried doing that about 3 weeks ago, he sent me an email saying he was going to kill himself. He then sent me a video message of himself on top of his apartment building (about 25 levels up) and said he will throw himself off if I didn't respond to him. That freaked me out and then I messaged him. He has said on numerous occasions that he would suicide if I left him and that I'm his whole world. I know many don't actually carry out such threat but I think this guy is emot
  3. Hi all, So I want to share my personal relationship story. I am seeking some re-assurance/opinions/advice from people here on this, please be as honest as you can. I am male, age 30, live in Sydney Australia. So, for the last approx. 8 months I have been in a relationship with this guy (same-sex relationship). We met and hit it off right-away. The relationship moved quite fast and we progressively spent more and more time together. There was never any intervals when we didn't see each other for more 3 days. It was very passionate between us and unlike the stereotype with most gay rela
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