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  1. I told him this: Hello Bob (fictional name), I hope you are doing great. Listen I think it's better if we cut ties you and I. I've been lying to myself thinking I would be able to be friend with you but the truth is I've had you in the back of my mind in the past couple of days. I can't only be friends with you. I know that deep down, I want more. It got me questionning myself and whatever happened between us, and if we could give it another shot. Anyways, at the end of the day I know you are doing more than fine and I am glad that we don't despite eachothers. Thank you for eve
  2. I followed all of your advice and got a straight answer from him. Y'all were right. Thank for your help. I appreciated.
  3. I finally ask him why after two years he all of a sudden wants a friendship with me (see me and exchanges news in a regular basis) his response is confusing. (we can say ty) Here is his response: I am at the point of my life where I have no place in my heart for hate and I always respected and appreciated you no matter what happened between us. Normally its war between me and my exes. You are the only one I have this with. I still don't understand why also 🤷🏽♀️. And you why did you decided to talk to me? You could have chosen to never replied too? It's an horrible answer he didn't re
  4. The only reason I agree to go on a park near the river to drink is that everything is closed due to the lockdown here in canada. Also we walked a lot it wasnot like litterally a park only drinking and everything(my english is not the best I am french) I broke up with him for commitment issue.
  5. Hello everyone, I post already about this but the situation has changed. So basically I saw my ex of 2 years ago the other day and he waited 30 days to reach out to me again to plan a "secon date/meeting" (was it supposed to be a non-contact period that I wasn't aware of?) Second meeting (Ill call it like that since it is not defined if it's a date or not) We went in a park an drink a little bit. We discuss (not a lot of stuff about the relationship) and out of the blue he says he is happy that he can share moment like this with me. That I am the only ex he can do that with and he
  6. I know I shouldn't ask = he knows your wife is married so she probably told him. But there is definitely a flirt going on his side and she knows it. She doesnt say a lot but she still reply and entertain. My guess: I don't think your wife is having an affair BUT she seems bored and she seems likes she is looking for excitement. So be carefully with that. I dont know you personally but 10 years 2 kids, its important to keeps the magical sparks between you two. For now leave it like that do not says nothing because you dont have enough evidence. Ill suggest you to observ and open you
  7. Well I broke up with him because he had a commitment issue and he shared my secrets to some of his friends which truly hurts me (short story) He is the one who started to kept in touch with me but I admit it I did encourage it and ask him news about him as well. I do miss him I'll admit it. After all he was my first love. I am too scared to tell him what I wants and too scared that he will take it the wrong way if I ask him what he wants. I am really scared to get hurt again. And I don't know what to think about that or why he would wants to keep a friendship with me
  8. Hello everyone I am new here :) I was in a relationship with an ex for a year and I broke up with him. (It was an ugly break up) but we never cheated on eachothers. It was 2 years ago. Somehow we were still giving each others news (every 3 to 6 months) and the other day , he asks me if I wanted to go take a walk with him which I agred. We spoke for 3 hours (we spoke about everything but we didnt spoke about our past relationship) and he wants us to be friends... I think... The way he speaks its like he is planing to keep me in his life. (Ex: we are going to do this, I will show you th
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