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  1. Personally I will not agree to meet them. My ex broke up with me 8 months ago, I begged for 4 months then I went to NC for 3 months. Ive heard from friend that he went back to his ex- he left her to me then after he dumped me he got back to her right away. He reached out twice via mutual friend On Facebook to send me greetings when I were visiting a mutual friend at his old neighborhood. He unblocked me on FB to checked on me but I have set everything on friend and of course I also unfriended him. I ignored him! A week later he read the last email I sent to him before I went to NC and sent me
  2. I agree with you. Only let thing go can help us to heal. I am also at the 2th month of NC and yesterday I heard he has got his ex back for 6 weeks. He left her to me and now we broke up, he just ran back to her. So I see one more big red flag for me to move on. I were so hurt, cried for short time and also surprise that after all crying I feel so light likes lifted off the weigh on my shoulder. Still sad but much less than before. But I know that I am healing good and hope very soon I will over him !
  3. You will be better. Set a target for yourself. I understand it is hard and hurt but keep stay strong as long as you can. I still have urge to contact him. But every time I want to reach out , I think about 2 months of NC I have been working on will be wasted. I don’t want to waste it and have to start NC all other again. And important is keep on your mind that you have tired hardest even harder than you thought you could, he is the one doesn’t want this relationship, not you. Then if he wants anything with you again, he has to reach out for you. Don’t think about if he ever contact you again o
  4. Let me tell you this. I am still feeling regret about kept contacted my ex for 4 moths after I moved back to Europe and he stays in Asia. I harassed him with emails and messages although he blocked me everywhere. I tracked all emails I sent to him. He read all of them but never responded because he told me leave him alone , he doesn’t love me anymore. I kept wondering why he still read my emails if he said he doesn’t love me anymore. And every time he read my emails, I felt better. I made me feel I still have connection with him and he still care about me. BUT I also kept hurting myself longe
  5. I like the idea that fight hard before give up. I always thinking that if some thing was wrong, we should try to fix it before throw it in the trash bins. Maybe you are one of many people learn thing in a hard way, whose have to experience hurt so badly, like a big slap on the face before give up. Just like me. I did try to get my ex back for 4 months although firstly, he told me clearly give him some time but I pushed him to the end that he has to say he doesn’t love me anymore. He dated other girl- nothing serious but just to show him that he is over me. So from my experience that strictly
  6. Today is the 40th day’s NC. I hope you are happy somewhere without the better fish you told me before. Maybe ! I hope not. But I know you can date a girl even without real love. I had gave up my career for this relationship. And it meant nothing to you. One day, I hope, soon enough, you will realize that none loves you as I loved you. And that will be the day, I don’t give a damn about you anymore. The day you mean nothing to me. The day you tase your own medicine. Be happy and good luck ! Karma does exist.
  7. I did the same thing. I kept sent him messages and emails for 4 months to beg and try to get him back even he told me that he doesn’t love me anymore. He wants to live his life in peace without me. There are many better fish in the ocean.....I tracked all emails I sent to him. I know he read all of them. Every single email sent to him, he read them but don’t answer. I don’t understand why and keep wondering about it. I know our love was so strong but he wanted to leave me. I have done everything I can and want to do to get him back. Now nothing else I can do expect accept the fact that everyth
  8. I think you guys are talking about your feeling. And from your view that i am doing the same in my comment to her that is why you think that at some point i end up highjacking hers thread. I see it and i will learn from it. Because maybe you guys pay attention to read my comment for her. I agree that what we say here is what we want to tell her and hope she can find her way out. So please just pay the most attention on her, not on my comment for her. because i want to send message to her base on my very similar story and she has idea that at this detail, someone else did this way. maybe it fi
  9. I just meant that just telling my story that she will have one more opinion about similar situation she is confusing about. I see that most of people just gave her advices based on their thinking about her story. But if someone have more more similar details then she, maybe, can see clearly more about what she is maybe blinded like i were. I know every people have different situations then the most similar story will be more clear, maybe.Just think it might help. I have found out it is more clear and motivated for me when I read someone's case then other gave their advice based on very simil
  10. I admired how smart he is more than dazzled by potential wealth status .....I am a lawyer and I have my career. I like simple life. But I admitted that my brain felt safe when i know he is a doctor because I have tendency to admire doctor when my uncle is also a doctor and since my father passed away when i were 10 because of cancer and my mom just got back from cancer surgery. and he told he can help my mom in the future if she has any problem of her heal in the future. It is also he was so different at the beginning when i first met him. It was so romantic night when we could talk hours to
  11. This will hang you in pain for long time. And unfortunately that I am doing the same thing. A big part of me does not want to move on even he treated me bad after my mistake. But by the way reading a lot of advices from people here I think it is right that when people want to break up a relationship means they want to live their life without us. We should respect it and move on in our life. After we are well recovered and heal and we still love them, we can try again with a new thing. closed the old thing totally and start with the new thing. I am trying to move on and heal first and trying to
  12. I have found the answer my my case too. I met a neurosurgeon and he is very arrogant. he thinks he is God because he is smart then he can be a doctor. and i am so lucky girl that he loved me. i am not sure he is still love me as he said a week ago. But i went into NC with him because I know he is not the right one for me. This kind of person will never admit what they did wrong and the are heartless. He was easy to insult me and talk very bad to me and every thing he said is up to you if you want a real love then you have to work it out. and he was so nice to be there like a King to give me ch
  13. I agree with Billie28. I am also working on my BU. I wasted 4 months to begged and pleaded him back. He answered very rally on my emails just to say its over. So i finally stopped emails him for 16 days now and still shaking in my mind about false hope for him to come back to me after NC. But I know it is not healthy for me. So every day I read people's advices on this forum to motivate myself to be strong to stay into NC and get over him not to wait for him to come back. I still miss him every day but nothing else we can do expected take it day by day. I hope you are also stay strong and get
  14. day 4 I did not break NC but miss him so badly. I thought i am ok now but in fact i am not. I still got bump on my stomach when i think about her. Kept wondering if he is missed me even just a second . Wish all of this hurt is just a night mare.
  15. I am happy for you and I hope I can reach to the point you are now so soon. I am on 15th day of NC. Still think about him but don't cry anymore. Carry on!
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