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  1. I have been going to therapy for 6 years and they never work. I asked the people and they said I was the manipulative one. I don't know why I asked any of this in the first place, I didn't know I was going to be attacked of me being the manipulative one when I never did a single thing wrong and I just wanted to say goodbye to her. People are ignoring the fact that she wasnt good to me in the relationship and probably used me and jump straight the suicide note and say "yep you're manipulative" I did nothing but love her and she left me even after telling me everyday "I'll never leave you even
  2. You clearly do not understand, I'm sorry. I didn't test her. I was certain I was going to die that day so I just wrote whatever. I survived, and I thought she was going to say something else, not just accept it. Because accepting someone's suicide to me is psychotic. It's because you dont care about them. It hurts me for you to say my suicide is drama. People survive suicide attempts. It's not drama. I have talked people out of suicide no matter how many times they say it. That's probably the worse thing you could ever tell someone whose suicidal. Because if I happen to kill myself how wo
  3. Suicide notes aren't manipulative. I just wanted to say goodbye one last time. I didnt change my mind, I survived. I broke my phone beforehand and had no where to find her or text her. The whole issue here is that she didn't try to stop me from committing suicide. And then after that I addressed all that she did to me and she just said "ok" I have given up at this point. I thought people were going to say "wow she sucks" but apparently I'm the bad one. I get it. I think it was a bad idea to have posted this here and on reddit, since everyones saying I'm the manipulative one and that my e
  4. It was a suicide letter, I did it because I loved her and I wanted to say goodbye. Why would I send a suicide letter if I'm going to be dead after I send it? I didn't hope she was going to run back to me. I was supposed to be dead. I was stopped and thats when I realised her answer. Also it hurts as a suicidal person to not be talked out of it. She later said "I couldn't stop you but you said you were gonna be happier death so I let you do it"
  5. What did I do that wasn't healthy? She promised she'd be there for me and she was a safeplace for me and just abandoned me one day. I know I wasn't the best girlfriend but she always said I was okay. What do you think about her not caring if I kill myself? Everyone seems to ignore it.
  6. Hello everyone, I need a different POV from people I don’t know because I feel I'm getting biased answers from my two friends. I (F17) dated a girl (F18) (Long distance relationship) for 6 months, but we clicked immediately and our relationship was perfect. We were in a healthy relationship. I suffer from PTSD, chronic depression, and a little bit of BPD so I'm a bit messed up, but I told her since the beginning and she was always supportive about it and said she didn't mind and she would always do everything to make me feel better. However, one day, without any warning, she said she
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