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  1. i am thinking abt my kids, thats why i quit and go away from him.
  2. it sad that i fall for careless guy.
  3. at least he wanna open up now. thats good a sign.
  4. i dont wanna talk about my marriage with him but about how i feel toward him.
  5. if you knew him, you would think i am crazy coz i still in the marriage.
  6. Just recently and i never talk to my crush until the day that i was leaving. That was my only mistake. Reveal everything after i left.
  7. Even say that i emotionally cheating, it has nothing to do with my husband deserve to be with me or not. I dont think it has something to do with my marriage, because i never interact with my crush, i never share anything with him apart from just work in the same place. I dont get a special treatment from him that make me think twice about my marriage.
  8. Have you ever fall in love? It is easy to block and delete him from the phone but not from your mind. It is not easy for dumb person like me.
  9. I know he doesnt care. I just not as good as other about resisting my own feeling when i like somebody. Doing work with attorney as not easy as i thought. I am in position not to pay counselor nor attorney. One time i applied for free legal advice from government but they didnt do much about it.
  10. He might be as you said. It is sad and i might fall for the wrong person. I feel like always fall for wrong guy. I didnt mean and i did not have any purpose to like or to love anybody including him. I just wanted to work when i enter the job in the same place with him.
  11. I did stop contacting him. I know i embarras myself with this feeling, i tried to control and hold it, so that i choose to quit working with him.
  12. You dont know about my husband. I way too good for him. I can not explain everything to you but i dont like you calling me that my husband doesnt deserve to be with a cheater. If it was a lust, i would flirt with him while i was working with him. Instead, i save and hold everything back inside even i reminded him and myself that i am married when he talk about dating.
  13. If i am interested in having affair, i would do that while i was working with him.
  14. That's why i quit working from the same place because i wanna leave him alone.
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