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  1. I do. This is my first time talking about my situation to anyone and seeing all of these responses shows me how messed up things really are.
  2. That is very true. The same way I go above and beyond for him because of love if he “loved “ me he would be willing to do the same.
  3. I’m sorry but “a man who loves bussing to tuna town is hilarious”! I completely understand. My mom said she will call me on her lunch break and we can talk things over about me staying with her for a little while.
  4. I absolutely wouldn’t. I always give others advice but never take my own. Thank you for your response
  5. I’m texting my mom now to explain the situation. I will ask to stay there for a few months until I get back on my feet.
  6. I guess love makes people do crazy things! But it’s better that I see the way things are no opposed to later being married with kids! Thank you, I know what I need to do.
  7. You are right I didn’t think about it that way. Thank you
  8. Thank you... I do talk to him about things. When he asked did I enjoy my birthday I told him I was really looking forward to us eating somewhere and he said,” yeah babe I know” that was all. I talked to him about the oral thing he said we would hold out until my birthday that came and went and still nothing. Apparently everything I say to him goes in one ear and out of the other.
  9. This is going to sound absolutely horrible but, I feel like leaving him after he supported me while I was deployed will be so bad 😕 Everyone knows about him... family friends etc. From the outside looking in we have the perfect relationship because I am not the type of person to vent about my relationship issues to my friends. Which is why I posted here..
  10. So we are both ex military. I spent a year overseas and he supported me the whole time. He sent me a card and some care packages while I was there. I came home and went through a depression episode. It was around then when I moved in with him. I was still in college and I recently just graduated last year. I love that you took this approach with the situation because, I don’t really have anywhere to go if I move out from with him. I am trying to establish myself now since exiting the military and finishing school. I guess it’s more of a comfort thing... being with him was just what I was used to
  11. I threw the entrepreneur part in there because he makes decent money but not a lot. But even still McDonald’s?
  12. Nope I wish I was kidding! We went to McDonald’s and then to the park and that was it. He made it seem like we would be enjoying the night so I made no big deal about lunch at McDonald’s. Remind you for his birthday I got him gifts, took him to breakfast, movies and then dinner on a boat. I never talk to people about my relationship issues so I am so appreciative of you guys responding back to me.
  13. My esteem is pretty good! I guess I am not the type to walk away without trying. He has an apartment that I live in I forgot to mention. So there’s really nothing holding me back from leaving. We don’t share a mortgage or anything. I always try to see the potential in someone but, that is my downfall.
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