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  1. I know this isn’t about me, but my feelings are still valid. This affects me too because I care about him. He is not “one of those guys” that don’t show emotion.
  2. I’m also curious if you guys think it would be appropriate to accompany him to the funeral?
  3. Yes I know he checks up with her on Facebook and he has friends that talk to him about her. His friend told her about it. But it was also on Facebook.
  4. They were together for a couple years and she broke up with him. They have been broken up for around 7 years now. She recently passed away unexpectedly and I know it has impacted him greatly. I just feel like it was an opportunity for us to grow closer together but I feel like he is hiding his emotions to me. I have always felt that he has unresolved feelings for his past girlfriends. We have talked about it but I feel like he doesn’t want to grieve in front of me. He holds back his tears when he is with me and it is awkward when it feels like there’s obviously something on his mind and now it’s in mine too, but we don’t talk about it. I feel like he holds them in his heart and it makes me feel like I am a 2nd option because I know he would have wanted to be with her forever if she didn’t break it off. When we are together and I know he is thinking about her it makes me feel like he is busy loving her and not me. But I know it’s not fair because she is gone now. How am I supposed to deal with this? Has anyone gone through something similar and can offer some perspective? Thanks
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