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  1. I just checked the dating site and he was online. When I went to send a message it showed that he blocked me. I guess I got my answer after all. I am so heartbroken right now. Men always leave me. I guess I am going to die alone. I can't trust anyone anymore. People like this just show me that I don't deserve love.
  2. Thanks for all the varied advice. His son has underlying health issues but he has been a fairly active and healthy kid on medication. He has had a few health scares in the past. So he is not neglecting his son when he was talking to me. We usually talked late at night when he was sleeping but yes, texted through the day. I understand that his son takes priority right now. All I'm saying is a simple text from him would have been nice to say I just want to be there for my son and will not beable to continue communication for the time being.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I still feel he was telling the truth. But I get your point of view as well. I became so emotionally invested in him that started to feel feelings of love and right now I'm too heartbroken to even think of moving on. I have never had a positive relationship and exes were all abusive and treated me badly. This was the first guy that actually said loving things to me. I really thought he was the one. I still want to wait for him but deep down, I know he is not coming back.
  4. Hi All, This is my first time on this forum. I have read alot of the advice and it's a wonderful forum. I met the most wonderful guy on a dating site 2 months ago. We haven't met yet as the lockdown happened. He was really in to me and I really like him too. We would be on the phone for hours daily. Text all the time. We couldn't wait to see each other after lockdown is lifted. We haven't had a chance to meet prior to lockdown as he lives 200 miles away. He was very loving and attentive and made me laugh. He's a widower with one 10 year old son who has a serious illness but has been a healthy normal kid until now. Last Monday my BF called me frantic that his son is very poorly and rushed to hospital. He didn't talk much and ended the call. The next day he called to say he was doing much better. Then since last Tuesday he has ignored my calls and texts. It's been a week and no contact from him. I'm very worried about his son and I hope he is ok but I don't know how he is because BF is now ignoring me. I'm also worried about us. What if he never calls? I feel a connection to this guy and he felt the same. I am very sad right now and any advice will be appreciated, thanks.
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