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  1. Thank you for your support and kind words it really did help a lot I'm really going to work towards acceptance at this point and letting go which I suppose are just parts of life. I feel less alone in this from all your kind words.
  2. I was under the impression that his personal choice was that religion did not matter. He continues to say that religion does not matter to him but rather his parents wishes do. He did lead me on with the false impression that religion would not be a problem for him, he also pursued me for over a year prior to our relationship being completely aware of our religious differences.
  3. Thank you so much you're right I'm going to take this as a lesson and move forward with my life
  4. My boyfriend and I recently broke up. We had been together for less than a year. We were both really good together, we got along, supported and loved each other and we were best friends. We got into our relationship slowly after developing a friendship. A few months in the relationship he told me that due to our religious differences we might not be able to continue our relationship. He is Sikh and I am Hindu. He is his parents only child, and they want him to marry someone who follows the same religion. I explained I have nothing against following both faiths. I believe religion is a personal choice and I respect all religions. He had a discussion with his parents, and after some back and forth between yes and no they ultimately decided that our families and religions would not be compatible. So he broke up with me. He said he loves me and I'm the first girl he has told his parents about and he saw a future with me. At the same time he tells me his parents come first. I feel disrespected and undervalued just based on my religion. I know in the long run I may have dodged a really difficult family life. But I'm sad and disappointed in him. I have an urge to fight for it and I want to fix it because it takes me a while to develop relationships with someone and fall in love. I feel heartbroken and upset that I had to deal with this situation and that he left me just on the word of his parents. We both felt like we didn't have control in the situation. I think he finds solace in distracting himself and looking towards his parents as an indicator that he did this for their happiness. I am finding it difficult to overcome the urge to fight for it. I even asked him to be friends and he said no because he can't see me with someone else. I on the other hand would like to have him in my life and would eventually be okay with him seeing other people if we have to accept the situation for what it is. I feel like I had no control and I feel a little lost and sad and disappointed in someone I thought I knew and loved. I guess I'm just sad and lost right now so any input or advice would be nice.
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