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  1. I have tried to call her and send her messages but she is ignoring me.
  2. My best friend (23, F) of 3 years blocked me on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and even Tiktok. Let’s call her Abby. Abby blocked my fiancé and our other best friend , Natalie, as well. This occurred a couple days ago on Tuesday night. However, I found out the next day when I tried to send her a message on Snapchat. And it stated I needed to add her, then her thread disappeared (indicating she blocked me). However, before I realized she blocked us, she sent our friend group chat a message apologizing for not replying back to us and that she had a horrible breakdown the night before. Including that she cut everyone off but that she was “back and good now.” My other friend (Natalie) and I replied back letting her know to not worry, take care, and that we loved her. But she never apologized or mentioned the reason for blocking us. Yesterday, she unblocked us and requested to follow us back, only on Snapchat and Instagram. I did notice she unblocked me on Twitter and Tiktok but didn’t try following me back. I assume maybe she doesn’t want me to see what she’s up too. *** this best friend of mine is my bridesmaid for my wedding that is coming up in August. She is starting to become depressed. I’ve noticed she tends to ignore and isolate her close friends when she is going through a tough time. However, this time it seems serious. It makes me feel like she doesn’t want to be my friend. I feel conflicted. I have given her space but it’s giving me doubts on whether or not I should have her in my wedding party. I want to be there for her and I do care for her but this is a lot for me. I’ve asked close family and friends for advice and they say that she may not be my true friend or showing her true colors because she blocked only her best friends but no one else on social media. what should I do?
  3. About two months ago, I had a house party with a couple of friends including my Fiancé. Everyone got super drunk that night including myself. That night, my guy friend Max (let’s just give this friend a random name), who is also my fiancé best friend, had just recently broken up with his girlfriend earlier that day. While the night is super blurry for me, I do remember certain parts of it. However, my fiancé who was super drunk fell asleep and everyone else was awake and socializing. Our friend max and I were just talking about something (kind of a blurry conversation) but I remember he pulled me in and kissed me unexpectedly. I did pull away and I remember him say, “we can’t tell anyone”. And then I remember walking away to the living room to be with everyone else and I fell asleep. Also, this story seems very choppy since I blacked out and can only remember certain parts of the night. I know for sure I didn’t sleep with him or anything but I do remember him kissing me out of no where. *** Max is someone I have never liked and from what I know, I’ve never heard of him having feelings for me in the past. I’m super confused on why he would drunk kiss me but most of all, I am wondering if I should let it go considering I don’t think our friend Max remembers what he did (he never brought it up) and he is also my groomsmen for the wedding. OR tell my fiancé what I remember from that night? I just don’t know what to do because it could ruin their friendship and idk how my fiancé will handle it. Is this considered cheating? (If someone kissed you while intoxicated). How do I go about with this situation? I can’t stop thinking about this.
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