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  1. I have tried to call her and send her messages but she is ignoring me.
  2. My best friend (23, F) of 3 years blocked me on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and even Tiktok. Let’s call her Abby. Abby blocked my fiancé and our other best friend , Natalie, as well. This occurred a couple days ago on Tuesday night. However, I found out the next day when I tried to send her a message on Snapchat. And it stated I needed to add her, then her thread disappeared (indicating she blocked me). However, before I realized she blocked us, she sent our friend group chat a message apologizing for not replying back to us and that she had a horrible breakdown the night before. Including t
  3. About two months ago, I had a house party with a couple of friends including my Fiancé. Everyone got super drunk that night including myself. That night, my guy friend Max (let’s just give this friend a random name), who is also my fiancé best friend, had just recently broken up with his girlfriend earlier that day. While the night is super blurry for me, I do remember certain parts of it. However, my fiancé who was super drunk fell asleep and everyone else was awake and socializing. Our friend max and I were just talking about something (kind of a blurry conversation) but I remember he pulled
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