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  1. I honestly don't think there is anyone else and yes I genuinely think she is happy just coasting along, she was on her own a long time before I met her maybe that has something to do with it, and the menopause, I mean it could be me, something I've done, or haven't done, she just won't talk about things like that, I think I'm going to tell her we Have to talk, I can't go on like this, maybe tell her we're not going to talk now then she doesn't get defensive cos I've sprung it on her, ask her to tell me when she's ready to talk but put a time limit on it. Say within the week maybe?
  2. Yes, that exactly, we have a house together, share a bed, meals etc but that's it, we don't even hold hands anymore, she always says love you, but that's as far as the affection goes, I love her deeply and want to hold her love her etc but I get the impression it makes her uncomfortable. I bring the subject up every now and again but she gets so upset it breaks my heart to hurt her so the conversation ends then we just go back to normal.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to reply, I love her just not getting the love back I need, think maybe it was an act at the start and she couldn't keep it up, or I've done something wrong and she won't say
  4. Hi, I've been with my partner 12 years, living together 10, all good at the start, for years not there has been no affection, passion, hardly any sex, when I bring it up she gets very upset and just says its her hormones and won't talk about it, I love her and hate upsetting her but I can't live like this, I have no one to talk to and don't know what to do. She is very shy, won't go to the docs to see if they can help, I just want to feel loved is that wrong?
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