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  1. I work and so does he. No i dont pay rent but i buy a lot of the food and things. No i dont think he does as i have heard her bring it up in arguments. Why do you call her his girlfriend?
  2. But can he really have feelings for her if he would quite happily not talk to her if she didn't keep texting him all the time?
  3. The jealousy is on her side though
  4. I understand that but if i knew, or atleast thought, that it was just because she knows how to push his buttons and call him out on things that makes him like this and not because of his feelings for her i would be able to resist any feelings of insecurity and be better equipt to ride it out and try and help him through things
  5. It is not really possible for me to go home right now with this quarantine and also i am still not sure that that is definitely the case. That is why i am on here to get advice and look at other possibilities.
  6. So it is possible then that the anger and hatred towards her isn't fueled by emotions and attachment to her but by the fact that she is right?
  7. I work. No my parent have had no problems like that. I have a lot of siblings. He isn't there very often. It's hard to say at the moment as he has not been there since the quarantine but maybe once every week or 2. No they never had a place together. She has a house with the children that he was going to move into with her
  8. Friends that know either him or his friends have told me. I haven't asked him as it was before me and him got together so i feel it is none of my business.
  9. He seems as though if she wasn't to keep messaging him that he could quite happily go without speaking to her. So if he didn't care nothing she said or did would be able to provoke an argument? Even if she was to say the things she does? Her go to argument seems to be that he puts me in front of the children and that he lies to her. She has told him on multiple occasions that the youngest child doesn't even know who he is and hurtful things like that. Even if he didn't have feelings for her surely he would still get angry at her saying these kinds of things?
  10. He is 26. They are 3 and 1. I lived with family. There was no trouble at home at all but it is very crowded and i was enjoying spending the time with him. I still am. He does not do drugs. I don't mnow about her but he has never said anything to make me believe she does and has said what a good mum she is so i would say no. Why do you say on/off gf? What do you mean by my role?
  11. No, i heard all this before anything ever happened between us and i didn't hear it from him. Me and him have never discussed their break up. He told his friends that he had stopped loving her and had been feeling that way for sometime. From the things i have heard that she has said that appears to be what he told her when he told her it was over. So why then would he be hurting and feel the need to make her jealous?
  12. I kind of understand your point but i didn't really follow most of that. Sorry
  13. I guess what i don't really understand is hoe he could still be emotionally attached if he had already stopped loving her before the break up. I would have thought in this instance in his mind they were already over before they officially were and that any emotional attachment had already gone
  14. Why would he hope it would make her come back when he was the one to leave her? From what i have heard from friends he stopped loving her so i do not understand why he would use me to get her back?
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